K-12 Intensive Training

START K-12 Intensive Training involves using curriculum that addresses key issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to train teams of multidisciplinary school professionals. Presenters in various content areas related to ASD bring training sessions to school sites in order to work collaboratively with local team leaders and successfully support students and school systems. The ultimate goal is to increase in knowledge and skills for supporting students with ASD through teamwork and collaboration.

What is K-12 Intensive Training?

K-12 Training Curriculum - Modules and Materials

The Intensive Training offered to schools is based on evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practices are chosen for students based on sound professional judgement, parent input, and regular data analysis and review. We are not endorsing a particular program; we focus on the empirical literature, educational law, and data to select approaches and strategies to meet the learning and behavior needs of students.

Modules & Materials

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