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2023-2024 Training Plan

May 5, 2023
Updated July 28, 2023

Earlier this year, START released a training needs survey to the Regional Collaborative Networks (RCN) to better understand which trainings the school staff and families would like to see offered and which training formats are feasible and conducive to learning. The survey data indicated that school staff and families would like to see a variety of topics in various formats, shorter time frames, flexible access, and summer options. During the 2023-2024 school year, START will not offer Intensive Training in order to ensure greater statewide access, increased equity, and effectively deliver training for all Michigan students with ASD.

In response to the survey results, START plans to offer multiple ways for school staff and families to access training events and training series in 2023-2024. Training events will be offered in both virtual and in-person formats. START also plans to offer several training series covering a variety of topics in a virtual format. The 2023-2024 trainings, webinars, and series schedule is available here.

Note: the 2023-2024 training schedule is subject to change.

Page last modified July 28, 2023