Early Childhood Intensive Training Hub: Washtenaw

Page updated February 22, 2021

This page will be used to communicate information to Intensive Training sites and approved teams participating in the training series. 

If you have any changes to the makeup of your team, please contact Pam McClure pmcclure@washtenawisd.org

Washtenaw ISD Contacts:

START Contact: 

Glossary of Terms
  • Virtual Training: The module is presented live, in a virtual format. Each team should plan to be together for the virtual modules. Each team will need to identify a team leader/facilitator and will also need access to a meeting room, computer, and projector.
  • In-person Training: The module is presented live with teams physically attending in-person at a venue. 
  • Recorded Webinar: The video is prerecorded and made available to teams to watch asynchronous. 

Module Registration & Materials

  • Team work before the training:
    • Complete the parent permission form so you can discuss the child during your team time at the training and you can share child data with START. 
      • During the training, we will cover a variety of learning and behavior support strategies for early childhood settings. Although many strategies will be targeted to setting up preschool classrooms and other learning environments, some of the strategies will be individualized to children. Therefore, we would like for you to identify a target child to learn about implementing practices and using data for planning and monitoring progress. Preferably, this will be a child with ASD who needs support in the areas of independence, engagement, social interaction, and kindergarten readiness skill development.
      • If you have a child who has not been identified with an ASD eligibility at this time, you can select a child with support needs similar to those described above. If you have any questions about selection of a child, please contact Amy Matthews matthewa@gvsu.edu.
  • Module 1 materials and relevant links:
  • Takeaways from Module 1: 
  • Information for Module 2:
    • Remember to bring your team binder.
    • Team Facilitators: Ensure your team members understand how to access the Hub and the training materials. If your team would like to opt out of printed materials or change your shipping address, please complete this brief form.
    • All team members: don’t forget to test out your technology prior to the start of Module 2. Also, take the pre-questionnaire before Module 2.
  • Registration for Module 2
    • Every team member needs to register for Module 2 in order to receive the Zoom link:
      Individual Registration
    • Team Facilitators: Ensure your team members register for Module 2 and ensure your team understands how to access the Hub and the training materials. If your team would like to opt out of printed materials or change your shipping address, please complete this brief form.
  • Takeaways from Module 1: 
  • Module 2 information, materials, and relevant links: 
    • Team work before Module 2:
      1. Please make sure you have a signed parent permission form for your target student in your team binder.
      2. Collect expectations data either in the home or classroom setting with at least one target student and identify one of those expectations/routines that is less than 50% independent to bring to the next training module for next steps.
      3. Continue to work on your action plan items from module 1. We will review action plans at the beginning of each meeting.
    • Module 2 training materials 
    • Training Evaluation
  • Takeaways and information for Module 3: 
  • Registration for Module 3
    • Every team member needs to register for Module 3 by November 12 in order to receive the Zoom link. As a reminder, Module 3 will be split into two groups: 
      Individual Registration for Early On team members

      Individual Registration for Preschool team members
  • Module 3 information, materials, and relevant links:
    • All team members:
    • Teamwork before Module 3:
      • Collect independence data based on a routine and summarize the data on your Target Student Reporting form (see your printed Team Binder or the Google folder Team binder to locate this form). One form per team, unless you decide to work with multiple students.
      • Continue to work on your action plan items from Module 2.
    • Module 3 training materials 
    • Team Binder
  • Registration for Module 4
    • Every team member needs to register for Module 4 by January 28 in order to receive the Zoom link. As a reminder, Module 4 will be split into two groups: 
      Individual Registration for Early On/Early Head Start team members

      Individual Registration for Preschool team members
  • Module 4 information, materials, and relevant links:
    • All team members:
    • Teamwork before Module 4:
      • Between now and the upcoming module, please take a look at your action plans to see what your team has accomplished and what you are still working on. We are looking forward to hearing about what you took away from the last module to implement with your children.
      • If you remember back to module 2, we talked about independence. Now that you have had several weeks to work on an independence routine with your target child, we hope you are seeing progress in your data. Remember to collect data at least once per week and analyze your data each time you have three data points. If the data is moving toward independence, continue with what you are doing. If your child continues to need a high level of prompting, assess the situation and identify a new strategy. One of the most important accomplishments for any child is age-appropriate independence. At our upcoming module, we will be talking about collecting and submitting data at the last module in February.
    • Module 4 Training Materials & Handouts
    • Team Binder
Module 5: Teaching Play Skills and Promoting Social Interaction Across Activities
  • Registration for Module 5
    • Every team member needs to register for Module 5 by February 25 in order to receive the Zoom link: 
      Individual Registration for EC Module 5
  • Module 5 information, materials, and relevant links:
  • Data Collection: 
    • Collect the end of the training data for your target child. Before February 26, please collect three independence data points for your target child. The routine for independence should match the baseline data. For example, take follow up data on the same independence routine (e.g., snack) and use the same number of steps as you did for the baseline data. Our goal is to match the baseline data with the follow up data. Even if you have moved on to different goals, we would like to check in on the initial independence goal. Please summarize the data on the START Early Childhood Target Child Reporting Form  in the team binder. We will provide you with a survey link to enter all the data on this form and submit it to us.
  • Forms to submit after the module: 

Team Binder

The Team Binder is used to keep your team documents and materials in one location. All teams will receive a printed Team Binder. If your team is participating in the training series in separate locations, your team may want to consider using a Google Drive or Dropbox Folder to keep your team documents and materials organized in one location for the full team to access. The Team Binder can also be accessed in Google Drive

Information for Team Facilitators/Leaders

Each team should identify a team facilitator. The facilitator is responsible for coordinating technology and supplies for the live virtual trainings, and facilitating the team during the live virtual trainings. Each team's facilitator should review the below information which details the responsibilities and expectations of the role: 

Facilitator Orientation

What is the role of the facilitator and why is it important?  

  • The team facilitator (formerly known as the team leader) is critical to the success of the intensive training series! 
    • The facilitator fills many roles on the team: team leader, supporter, encourager, cheerleader, organizer, communicator, tech support, problem solver, positive nag.
  • Keeper of the facilitator bag.
  • Make sure your group members are working as a team, whether your team is all in the same room or in other locations.
  • Model behaviors you want to promote in the team (staying on task, asking questions, identifying action items, openness to new approaches, listening to family members, staying calm, being positive, problem solving vs. admiring problems, presume competence).
  • Delegate responsibilities to build skills in all team members and share the load.
  • The Hub:
    • As facilitator, you should become very familiar with the Hub. The Hub will be updated regularly and will be the spot to find all information and links related to the training. You will also be responsible for ensuring your team members are familiar with the Hub as well. Plan to check the Hub regularly throughout the year. 
  • Technology and Meeting Room:
    • If at all possible, teams should plan to meet together in one room or building to participate in the virtual training modules. We understand this may not be possible for some teams. 
    • The facilitator is responsible for securing the following items for the virtual training modules: 
      • Meeting room
      • Laptop
      • Projector and screen
      • Speaker - we highly recommend you perform a sound test in your meeting room prior to the first module and anytime you change rooms or equipment. You may need a speaker to ensure everyone on your team can hear the audio. 
  • Materials and Supplies:
    • The facilitator is responsible for ordering printed materials at least two weeks ahead of Module 1 (there is no cost to teams for printed materials). Go to Module 1 under Module Information & Materials to submit your shipping address.
      • START will ship printed materials to 1 location per team. If you are able to coordinate with other teams in your area, please do so. Coordinating shipping with other teams in your area will help to reduce shipping costs on START’s end. 
    • Additional supplies you will need to secure for your team: 
      • Chart paper and/or whiteboard and markers
      • Post-it’s 
      • Pens, pencils, etc. 
      • If there are barriers to securing the above supplies, please contact the START Project at least 2 weeks prior to Module 1. 
  • Registration and Communication 
    • Each team member will need to register for each module to receive the Zoom link. You are responsible for ensuring your team members understand how to register. Go to Module 1 Module Information & Materials for individual registration. 
    • Introduce team members to the Hub and how to access it
    • The host site contacts will send email reminders to all team members throughout the year. Ensure your team members are receiving these email reminders.
  • Set up (for virtual training modules):
    • Arrive at least 30 minutes early to set up the technology and meeting room. 
    • Make sure you have all materials, folders, and supplies are ready before the module starts. 
    • Make sure there is a white board or chart paper and markers in the room.
    • Ensure you have the Zoom link ready. 
    • Prepare to assign team member roles. 
    • Make sure that the team binder comes to every meeting.
  • Role during Training:
    • Welcome team members. 
    • Model active engagement and expected behaviors.
    • Set guiding principles for working as a team and post the guiding principles or review them at each training.
    • Assign roles: 
      • Assign team member to the Action Plan 
      • Assign team member to the Team Binder 
      • Assign team member as the Data Collection Coordinator   
      • Assign team member as Chat Communicator
  • Role during Team Time: 
    • Serve as the facilitator of the group to get the group started.
    • Model active engagement.
    • Keep the team on track with the team activities.
    • Encourage equitable participation.
  • Before Leaving the Meeting: 
    • Make sure everyone has access to the action plan
    • Make sure any data collection is assigned and scheduled to be completed by the next module

Communication to Teams (virtual and in-person trainings)

  • Review the Hub as you prepare for the next module. 
  • Communicate any information from the Hub to the team and/or direct the team to review the Hub (e.g., schedule, reminders, cancellations, live or virtual).
  • Serve as the “positive nag” for action items.

Data Collection

Detailed information and instructions will be available soon. 

SCECHs Information

SCECHs will be available at the end of the training series for those participating in the full series. There will be a SCECHs form available near the end of the training series. If you are interested in SCECHs, you will need to complete the "attendance verification" form during each module. This form will be available under each module in the dropdown table. A Certificate of Completion will also be available to those participants who need one and have completed the entire seriesContact Pam McClure pmcclure@washtenawisd.org if you have any questions.