The V3 Discovery Process

V3 Discovery is an age-appropriate transition assessment process for individuals with ASD and other complex disabilities which provides relevant and accurate information for employment planning. The outcomes of this process include:

  • Vision: Relevant and accurate information to inform the IEP transition goals as well as other postsecondary transition outcomes.
  • Vocational Profile: Information in 4 primary areas that enhance employment outcomes (The 4 C’s): 
    • Choices (individual’s interests and preferences)
    • Contributions (skills and abilities that would benefit employers)
    • Conditions (individual needs and challenges)
    • Connections (social capital)
  • Visual Resume: A visual representation of the contributions the individual can make to potential employers.

The 5 steps of the process are listed below and are described in the Discovery Process Description document below. Each step also includes relevant tools for completing that step.

  • Preparation
  • Plan & Conduct Interviews & Surveys: 
  • Plan & Conduct ICIE (Intentional Community Integrated Experience) Observations
  • Develop the V3 Discovery Summary: Vision, Vocational Profile, & Visual Resume
  • Employment Development

Discovery Process Webinar

The Discovery Process PowerPoint, used in the above Discovery Process webinar, has direct links and can be used in conjunction with the webinar video. 

Discovery Process Forms