2017-18 Community Read

"Don't We Already Do Inclusion?" Written By Paula Kluth

Welcome to the first START Project Community Read!

As we prepare for the 17th Annual START Conference: Strengthening Inclusive Practices and the Keynote presentation by Paula Kluth, this is an excellent opportunity for those in the ASD community to read her book titled “Don’t We Already Do Inclusion? 100 Ideas for Improving Inclusive Schools." An ongoing theme of our START Conferences and trainings for many years has been inclusive opportunities. Although we see tremendous progress, we continue to ask: how do we make sure all students with disabilities have opportunities to learn alongside their peers? The best way to tackle such an issue is to inspire a large group of people to read, think, and discuss the topic. Here is your chance to reinvigorate your thinking and commit to actions that help your school continue to build inclusive practices.

Community Read Selection 

Book - Don't We Already Do Inclusion?

About the Author: Paula Kluth

About the Author : Paula Kluth

Resources and Questions

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How do I get involved?

  • Talk with your RCN about committing to the community read. Dedicate time at the RCN meeting to talk about the book and strategies.
  • Watch START’s Facebook and Twitter for questions and ideas. Post your group discussions and questions thoughts about the book. 
  • Attend the 17th Annual START Conference, which will feature Paula Kluth as the keynote presenter. 

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