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The idea to create Peer to Peer t-shirts started in Clarkston, Michigan with the first Peer to Peer program and helped to identify the proud members of LINKS. As the number of Peer to Peer programs across Michigan grew, so did the idea of LINK t-shirts, personalized by students and school faculty.

The START quilts were created from Peer to Peer t-shirts sent to us from all over the state. We want the quilts to travel all over Michigan and demonstrate the power of the growing network of peer support programs with administration, faculty, and students.

When you receive the quilt, you will also receive a scrapbook. We encourage you and your students to add a page to the scrapbook! We also want to see your pictures of the quilt! Send a picture of your students with the quilt via email, [email protected], or tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to send us your Peer to Peer program t-shirt to become part of another quilt, you can give it to your START RCN representative or mail it to the START office.  

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Please note: We will do our best to accommodate any specific date requests for the quilt. Signing up below does not guarantee you will receive the quilt for your requested date

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Page last modified April 22, 2023