Advising for Admitted MAT Athletic Training Students

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor when scheduling coursework.

Assignment of Academic Advisor

Academic Advising plays an integral role in student success. Each Athletic Training Program Student admitted will be assigned an advisor from the Athletic Training Program Faculty.  Students may be assigned a different academic advisor when faculty turnover occurs or when personal advisee/advisor conflicts occur (as deemed necessary by the Department Chair).  Students who attend GVSU undergraduate program may see a change in their academic advisor once admitted to the Athletic Training Program.

Preparing For an Appointment

  2. Please anticipate your advising needs and make appointments early. Faculty schedules fill up quickly, especially during peak times such as registration. Look to meet faculty advisor during open office hours (posted online under ATP faculty directory and on each faculty member office door).
  3. Feel free to discuss academic and non-academic issues relevant to your education with your advisor. Be willing to identify and discuss your difficulties and come up with ideas for addressing them. The more we know, the better able we are to determine appropriate academic goals. This also includes clinical site placement concerns.
  4. Be prepared and come with written questions.
  5. Research of Degree & Course Requirements
  6. If you wish to discuss scheduling, create a tentative schedule for yourself and bring it to the advising appointment
  7. Bring a print out of your MyPath