Studio and Shops Access and Authorization Rules

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All art students must understand and sign an authorization form (see below) in every academic year they wish to use the 3-D studios and shops at GVSU. Failure to abide by these rules will result in denial of access to the shops/studios.

Studio Access and Authorization Form

Studio Access and Authorization


The 3D Classroom, sculpture classroom, Woodshop and sculpture studio are open for student work. Tables, vices, and space in these areas are for art students to use so long as space is available and so long as use does not encroach on others having the same privilege. Access to the wood shop and large sculpture studio tools is granted only after authorization from Art and Design faculty or the shop supervisor. Safety and proper tool use are top priorities.

Five levels of authorization are indicated by colored cards:

RED: Hand tools and electric drills. Band saws, stationary Sanders.
-typically granted to 3d design students and students who need limited

access for a specific project.
BLUE: Hand tools, electric hand tools, and some stationary power tools

-typically granted to Introduction to Sculpture students and students who

need more regular but not complete studio access
GREY: All stationary power saws and air mailers. Granted to trained paint-

GREEN: More extensive Woodshop access, foundry and welding tools.

YELLOW: Complete access to all tools (with training). Granted to advanced sculpture students.



Students will be able to use power tools only during monitored hours (Check schedule on shop and tool Crib doors). Monitors will open the tool crib, turn on power to the shops, and supervise safe operation. Monitors will also ask students who want to use tools to present their access cards. Students with access cards are still responsible for only using those tools they have been authorized to use. In other Words, even if a student has a blue card, they may not use an electric grinder until they have been trained and authorized by faculty or the shop supervisor. lt is each students responsibility to only use tools they are authorized to use. Anyone using tools they are not authorized to use will lose their shop privileges. Students agreeing to this system will be asked to sign below indicating they understand the privileges and responsibilities. If you agree, please sign one Copy of this form and return it to your professor or the shop

I understand and agree to abide by the policies of the GVSU sculpture shops:

The students printed name, signature, student number and the date go here and a copy is held by the shop supervisor.


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