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Alison Christensen

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Project Manager

Art Gallery Support Facility


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Alison received a B.F.A. from Grand Valley State University in 2004. Upon graduation, she started working at Lafontsee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI. In 2007 she began working for Jeffery Roberts Homes, Inc. as an Interior Design Assistant/ Project Manager. Quickly after graduation she became very involved in the local art scene as a volunteer, artist and exhibition designer. She was a board member for the DAAC (Division Avenue Arts Cooperative), and still is a volunteer for various Avenue for the Arts events.  Alison joined the Art Gallery in 2009 as a Preparator for the rotating and permanent exhibitions of Grand Valley State University’s extensive art collection.  In 2015, Alison became the Art Gallery Project Manager, working on unique projects like a Mathias Alten hard cover book and fulfilling art requests for the GVSU faculty and staff.  Alison is currently pursuing a Masters in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership degree at GVSU.

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