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Student Perspective provided by:
Megan Daniels
Major: Studio Art
Minor: Public & Nonprofit Administration
Class of 2023

Central Utilities Building
Perin Mahler
Oil on Linen

"Everyday spaces on GVSU’s campus that I used to see daily and not think twice about are now the places I miss most since leaving campus in March due to COVID-19. This oil painting by Perin Mahler is an inside look at GVSU’s Central Utilities Building and makes me think of all the essential workers who continue to go to campus each day to ensure Lakers’ second home continues to be safe, maintained, and clean. I think about the custodial staff in my freshman year dorm building (Holton Hooker Learning & Living Center) who would smile and say good morning to me everyday. A small gesture that made a big impact on me throughout my first year at GVSU. Thank you to all the GVSU faculty and staff who have worked endlessly over the past few months so students like me can continue to learn." - Megan Daniels

See GVSU essential workers in action and view the thank you video to GVSU essential workers.

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