ArtPrize 2010

GVSU Outdoor Art & Sculpture Exhibition Center

Sponsored by: Jim and Donna Brooks
                           Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

ARTPRIZE 2010 - September 22 to October 10, 2010
Opening Day (Wednesday, September 22, 2010): 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday: 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: 12:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.

ArtPrize 2010 Exhbition Seal

GVSU ArtPrize 2010 Programming

11th Annual DeVos Art Lecture
Guest speaker: Eames Demetrios
Lecture title: Surrendering to the Journey
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010, 5:30 p.m.
Location: Loosemore Auditorium, DeVos Center, Building E, 401 W Fulton, Pew Grand Rapids Campus

Official 2010 DeVos Art Lecture Description:
Eames Demetrios has lectured in 32 countries on topics ranging from his own films, to the work of his grandparents, Charles and Ray Eames, to the creation of his alternative universe, Kcymaerxthaere. Almost always his presentations focus on one topic or the other. At Grand Valley State University, host of one of Eames' alternative universe plaques, and during ArtPrize, the Powers of Ten year (2010), and a stone's throw from Herman Miller where the Eameses did so much, Demetrios will weave some of the myriad threads of his life journey together in the DeVos Art Lecture.

GVSU Outdoor Art and Sculpture Exhibition Center Opening Reception and Meet the Artists
Date: September 23, 2010, 6:30 p.m., following the DeVos Art Lecture
Location: Hagger-Lubbers Exhibition Hall, DeVos Center, Building E, 401 W. Fulton, Pew Grand Rapids Campus

Ice Sculpture Demonstration
Friday, September 24, 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Saturday, September 25, 4:00 p.m.
Location: GVSU Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Join Randy Finch and Dereck Maxfield - the Ice Gurus as they wield an array of tools to create a sculpture from a block of ice.

Artcation Days (Education Days) at GVSU Outdoor Art and Sculpture Exhibition Center
Dates: September 24 and September 27, 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m.
Title: Exploring Art in Three Dimensions
Partner Institutions and Galleries: Muskegon Museum of Art, Cynthia McKean, Incorporated and the Ark Gallery
Location: GVSU Outdoor Art and Sculpture Exhibition Center
Meet in the Frey Foundation Courtyard, DeVos Center, 401 W. Fulton, Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Join the Docents from the Muskegon Museum of Art and sculptors Cynthia McKean and Marcia Perry for a hands-on activity filled tour of the sculpture on display at the GVSU Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Students will explore balance, weight, context, additive and subtractive sculpture as they explore and create works of sculpture.   

From Concept to Reality
Dates: September 25 and 26, October 2, 3, 9, and 10, 2:00 p.m.
Location: DeVos Center lawn at the corner of Winter Avenue and Fulton Street , 401 West Fulton St. , Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Hands on Demonstration.  Join ArtPrize sculptor Cynthia McKean at her work “Friends” as she demonstrates how she creates sculpture from concept drawing to the finished work. Participants will have an opportunity to create a model from the row drawing.

What It Feels Like to Be a Sculpture
Dates: September 25 and 26, 3:00 p.m.
Location: DeVos Center lawn at the corner of Winter Avenue and Fulton Street , 401 West Fulton St. , Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Hands on Demonstration.  Join Education Curator Ellen Sprouls as she demonstrates what it feels like to be a sculpture; tension tries to rip you apart as gravity is busy pulling you down. Participants will use each other, blocks and paper to understand tension and gravity.

Did I Add or Did I Subtract
October 3 and 10, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: Frey Foundation Courtyard, DeVos Center, 401 W. Fulton St. , Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Artist on going Demonstration.  Stroll over and strike up a conversation with sculptor Marcia Perry and she explains additive and subtractive sculpture. In the process she will demonstrate how she sculpts wood. Visitors will be encouraged to try their own hand as they work with wood.

The 3D Building Zone
October 2, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Location: Frey Foundation Courtyard, DeVos Center, 401 W. Fulton St. , Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Stop by the 3D Building Zone to explore the concepts of gravity and tension and how they influence the creation of sculpture as you create your own three dimensional work.

GVSU ArtPrize Poetry and Dance
Date: Friday, October 1, 3:00 p.m.
Location: GVSU Outdoor Art and Sculpture Exhibition Center
Meet in the Frey Foundation Courtyard, DeVos Center, 401 W. Fulton, Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: Three minute poetry and dance compositions inspired by the outdoor art at the GVSU Exhibition Center will be performed by GVSU students next to each piece.

Invisible Exhibits: Hypothetical Curating at ArtPrize
Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EDT
Location: Grand Valley State University, Second Floor Eberhard Center, 301 Fulton St. W., Pew Grand Rapids Campus
Description: In an effort to draw connections between different works of art and to highlight exciting work that might otherwise fly under the radar, 13 student curators will each create their own virtual exhibits using art from ArtPrize as inspiration and raw material. These students will explore ArtPrize venues around the city, establish themes that unite compelling works of art, and give a slideshow tour of the work they've selected for their invisible exhibits. Mini-exhibit catalogs and maps for these hypothetical exhibits will be available to everyone in the attendance at this hour-long talk.

This event is presented by students in Curatorial Studio, a class offered by the Art & Design Department at GVSU. For more information, contact Prof. Anna Campbell at

GVSU ArtPrize 2010 Artists

All This Baggage Is For The Birds

Adriane Herman, Printmaker from Portland, Maine
3-D, Solid cast birdseed with gelatin binder
Adriane Herman's often ephemeral and sometimes edible work explores contemporary consumption. Her ArtPrize installation examines what we  consume unconsciously and spend much of our lives working to jettison  -- namely physical and psychological "baggage."   The desire to  "claim" such baggage with an eye toward leaving at least some of it  permanently "checked" motivated Herman’s series of solid cast birdseed  suitcase fragments called All This Baggage is for the Birds. Birds,  squirrels, and insects will gradually dismantle and carry off these  manifestations of personal and cultural baggage one morsel at a time,  turning what is no longer serving the artist into nutritive sustenance  for Grand Rapids wildlife as they prepare for the winter ahead.



Calvin Babich, Toledo, Ohio. Stone sculptor, stone artist and stone mason.
3-D, Limestone
This piece is an eight foot tall square totem with 28 distinct faces, on a four foot by four foot base that is also carved with detail. All of the faces are carved or textured differently and some will have stone projections.

calvin babich


Cynthia McKean, Saugatuck, MI. Cynthia creates art for both the public and private sectors.
3-D, Structural steel
"Friends" emerges from the earth both horizontally and vertically. It reflects individuality yet sameness. It respects diversity and likeness. It encompasses the macro and/or the micro. It speaks of universal love and compassion.

Measuring 12'high X 20'long X 12'deep, "Friends" is meant to be touched, walked around, stepped through, and sat upon.



Cyril Lixenberg - British born Dutch artist. Cyril Lixenberg's artistic style comes from classical modern art from the mid-20th century. Lixenberg portfolio consists of silk screen prints, metal sculpture and monumental work.
3-D, Steel
"The title of my monumental sculpture is Magela - S . Its form and idea are based on the biblical story of Queen Esther, which is traditionally recorded in scroll form and read in synagogues in early spring on the Jewish holiday of Purim. The story is often read from illuminated scrolls that have meaning when read both horizontally and vertically.

Although I’ve created memorial sculptures previously, I was unable to do so when my wife Saskia died ten years ago - it was too close to me then.  But a few years ago, whilst working on new work for an exhibition, I got the inspiration to finally create a tribute to my wife. “Magela” (sometimes spelled megillah) is a Yiddish and Hebrew word that also indicates a long, detailed story or account.

Although in a literal sense, this two part sculpture is unreadable in its detail, it is nevertheless my story of and for Saskia, both vertically and horizontally."

Cyril Lixenberg, Amsterdam, 2010.

cyril lixenberg


Daniel Peteuil, Clarkston, Michigan. Freelance Artist
3-D, Plaster or Bronze
The piece being planned will be a sculpture of a man and a woman to be cast in plaster or bronze. Size will be around half life size (around 40 inches high). Both figures most likely will be nude or near nude, but tasteful. This piece is about emotion and the idea of human touch without hands/arms. 

daniel Peteuil


Daniel Pipe, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Historical artist.
Tile mosaic labyrinth
"Odyssey" will be a 20 foot circular tile mosaic that maps our natural history. It will offer viewers the opportunity to contemplate our nearly four billion year heritage in scale. Viewers are intended to walk on the mosaic. The labyrinth's path will mark the journey with evolving colors, patterns, and fossils.

daniel pipe

Red Desert, Steel Soul

Henry Hildebrandt, Cincinnati, Ohio. Professor, School of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Cincinnati
3-D, Steel, copper, Azul Portofino Granite
Blood of Rust
A Sea of Tears
Red Desert, What Sadness
What Truth, What Beauty
Blood of Rust
Blood of Soul
Tears of Rust
Tearless heart
A Life Lived for No One
A Life Forgotten
A Cry for Life A Cry of a Soul
A Film Forgotten
A Red Desert, A Steel Soul
Barren Emotions
Emotions of Steel
A Life Lived, A Life Living
A Death by Living
A Shadow of Life
Fifty Two Days
Fifty Two Years
Red Steel
Beauty in Red
Beauty in Green
Green Beauty
Bleeding Rust
Bleeding Trust
A Cry of a Soul
A Sea of Tears
Red Desert, What Sadness
What Truth, What Beauty



Jason Quigno, Jenison, Michigan. Stone sculptor.
3-D, Indiana Limestone
The sculpture that that is being created is untitled at the moment and the name will come to to Jason as he works on the sculpture. The sculpture is going to be carved from a 8'x 4'x 2' 7,000lb block of limestone and will be of a woman figure standing dignified, strong, elegant and beautiful. Her hair and garments will look as if they are blowing in the wind. Jason will also be putting up photos as she emerges from the raw block of stone. You can also follow him on Facebook.

jason quigno

A Four Phrase Movement

 John Merigian, Superior Twp., Michigan. Educator and Sculptor
3-D, Welded Corten
This piece consists of four figures, all moving forward. They are placed close together - connected in their movement. Yet each figure moves at a different pace, with different concerns and attitudes. They create a single entity, each contributing energy and unique spatial expression. Their lines of movement are determined by the space and each other - each giving way to the other. Their individuality is not lost in their being interrelated.

john merigian

Tiger Fish

John Schwarz, Chelsea, Michigan. Educator and sculptor. Represented by River Gallery, Chelsea MI
3-D, Award winning multi-media assemblage
Tiger Fish is one in a series of aquatic creatures John has constructed using recycled materials. He measures 54x 44 inches. He can be hung inside or out. Tiger Fish has been MIG welded together then surfaced and finished with bike and car parts that have been bolted and riveted in place.



Julie McDonough, Stanwood, Michigan, full-time studio glass artist.
Scott Brazeau, Pontiac, Michigan, Scott Brazeau Metal Furniture
3-D, Steel and glass; mixed
This is a collaboration with Julie McDonough, glass artist and Scott Brazeau, metal artist. A 9' steel frame of an ascending Koi will be covered in vivid glass scales affixed via magnets. "Green" UV luminescent "pucks" will line the interior of the frame adding a night-time glow and interest.

julie Mc Donough

"Tornado Series # 17"

Kenneth Foster, Nunica, Michigan. Sculptor and ceramist.
3-D, Clay and Steel
This a ceramic and stainless steel sculpture that is impervious to the weather.
It can be attached to a building, tree or free standing.


Disguised Attraction

Megan Oswalt, Jenison, Michigan. Education and Art student
2-D, 3-D, Back lit film paper, paper, fur, fiber materials
The piece will be installed on a window like structure allowing the natural light to back light the piece. The only part visible to a passerby is a small bit of color coming through the tip of the cone. The only way an individual would see the entirety of the piece would be to look inside the cone. There are seven images total, displayed side by side horizontally.


"Abstract Color and Pattern Study"

Michelle Calkins, Holland, Michigan. Painter/photographer and co-owner Four Corners Framing Company in Holland
2-D, 3-D, Colored Magnets on Metal
This will be an interactive work in progress. It will be a study of color and texture. It will consist of a 48 x 48 inch sheet of metal.  Mounted to it will be various colored magnets. They will be 2 x 3 1/2 and 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches and will be printed to look like paint. The viewer will be invited to move the magnets around to create a new piece of art. Photos will be taken periodically to map the changes.


Primary Reusers

Ola Nwabara, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alumna, Masters of Communication, GVSU
Collaborators: Kyle Faulds, Alex Foster, Eric Horton, Adora Trostle and Lyn Williams

3-D, metal/plastic
Primary Reusers is a collection of recycling bins created with recycled materials and decorated by the artists. The goal is to promote not only recycling, but methods to reduce our waste and reuse the materials we do use. Each artist designed the bins with their own artist expression, but with sustainability, community, and Grand Rapids in mind. Their statement is, "We plan to save the world through art.”

Recyle Reusers

The act of kissing

Pawel Chlebek, Blazowa, Poland . Sculptor and educator.
3-D, Polyester resin, dolomite powder
The sculpture is about mature feelings being the base for long relationship. Naked bodies are pure. But relationship without passion between two lovers becomes dry and cold. Kisses symbolize passion and emotions that should be part of our lives even after many years after decision of being together.


"The Death of Venus"

Roger Reutimann, Boulder, Colorado. Swiss-American sculptor.
3-D. Urethane, Stainless Steel and Automotive Paint
How culture, as the total of society's inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge, keeps changing over time. Real life-size female figure, inspired by Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus" makes a bold and provocative statement about the development of culture since the Renaissance.

rogeer reutimann

A Home

Sarah Parr, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Art Student at Kendall School of Art and Design
3-D, Raku Pottery
This piece is a set of two small ceramic sculptures that will be created by attaching many small wheel-formed vessels together with the addition of small ceramic hand-built insects. This sculpture will resemble (to some degree) a fictional insect mound. All parts and pieces will be Raku fired


"Mastodon Vanitas"

Steven Baibak, DeWitt, Michigan. 21st Century Artist.
3-D, Sculptural fabrication
The Mastodon Vanitas was created as an analogy of the 17th century Dutch Masters vanitas paintings that through the use of symbols expressed the brevity of life and earthly achievement. Mastodon Vanitas is a close to life size mastodon skull fabricated out of home appliances: a washer, stove, and filing cabinet. The skull rest upon a large oxidized non- functioning clock that speaks to the measurement of life, and upon the brow of the skull rest a stainless steel sphere with a mirror polish.
– Dutch master vanitas – Dutch Masterdon
– Brevity of life
– washer – washed up
– filing cabinet – recorded / factualized
– stove – cooked
– broken clock – no time
– polished sphere – reflection and inclusion
– mastodon – extinction – death's-head
– State Fossil of Michigan


Ceremonial Space for Persistence of Memories

Steven Peters,  Ravenna, Michigan. Educator and Artist. Adjunct Faculty, GVSU.
3-D, Steel, Brass, Wood
The piece will be a large architectural/environment space that creates a general ceremonial setting. The viewers will be encouraged to participate with the work by leaving behind memorial mementos of their choosing in special niches. As the work grows, it will become a meditation space for those who use it. Steven Peters work can be seen in The Coffee Gallery, a nationally known gallery located in Spring Lake, MI.



Tom Holmes, Greenley, Pennsylvania. Sculptor
3-D, Wood and enamel
The "Starburst" is 16' in diameter. It is constructed from 24 pieces of ruff sawn pine that are each 1" x 3" x 16' in length. The pieces are pre-painted in outdoor enamel.



Vivian Visser, Sculptor, Chicago, Illinois
3-D, Willow and Pine Cone
This piece is a free standing sculpture grouping made of reddish willow and large pine cone parts. The three gracefully arched pods interrelate in a modular composition. Each pod is 5 feet along the longest angle and 12 inches wide. The group can sit in an area of 4 x 4 or up to 6 x 6 feet.

With gesture and color reminiscent of flame, a primal response will reach deep into the human psyche. This piece implies protection within the force of Nature.

vivian Visser

Artist who is NOT our official entry, but has work at our exhibition center:

"Play Me, I'm Yours"

Luke Jerram, Bristol England, Perceptual Artist
3-D, Interactive/Internet, Sound. Piano.
"Play Me, I'm Yours" has reached almost three quarters of a million people in cities stretching from London to Sydney. Sites are found where there is an existing hidden community or where they feel a piano may be values (park, bus stop, bridge, etc.) Each piano has a local custodian - someone who works in a shop or pub next door. It is an unpaid job, keeping any eye on the piano, covering it if raining, and reporting major problems or issues that arise. Pianos are placed to target specific parts of the ArtPrize perimeter, reaching different sections of society. The pianos can be played by anyone, anytime or used for concerts, lessons, sing-alongs, street parties, charity events, music videos - whatever! A Street Piano website accompanies the project and documents everyone's creativity and contains films, photos and comments posted by the public, connecting communities and also providing maps of piano locations. Pianos are donated to a good home after the completion of ArtPrize.

Luke Jerram's website:

Luke J