Exhibition Highlights

Inspiring Thought.  Perfecting Practice.  The School of Communications Celebrates 20 Years
January 5 – March 2004
– This exhibit featured the work of alumni and faculty representing majors within the School of Communications and encompassed twenty years of teaching and practice.  In February, current School of Communications faculty work was added with a second reception to celebrate.  The exhibition was complemented by guest speakers and special events.

BFA Exhibition:  sim-bE-'O-sis
March 22-25, 2004
Kimberly Main - Illustration
Laura Mayes - Illustration
Andrew Near - Ceramics
Brad Patterson - Ceramics

BFA Exhibition:  incubation period
March 29 - April 1, 2004
J. Amadeus Scott - Sculpture
Heidi Bolema - Ceramics
Denise Mierzejewski - Illustration
Travis Clement - Illustration

BFA Exhibition:  2 Illustrators & 2 Metalsmiths
April 5-8, 2004
Alison Jones and Seth Kimball - Illustration
Jayme Ageris and Robyn Kane - Metalsmiths

School of Communication Photography Senior Thesis:  La Beauté De  La Lumière The Beauty of Light
April 12-23, 2004
Photographs on display by Rebecca Linn Ashcraft, Bennie Beretta, Angela M. Doty, Gregory James Higle, Samsona Kue, Steven Korringa, K.P. Martin, Peter Mowry, Latonya Lorraine Simmons, and Jessica Maria Thomas.


Student Talent:  Selections form the Student Exhibitions
May – August 6, 2004
- Because the chosen art is meant to display what the art and design department offers in its curriculum, different grade levels were shown in the exhibit, allowing for a diverse group of skill levels.

Beyond the Classroom
August 27 – September 24, 2004 -This exhibit featured the diverse works of art from the Art and Design Department by teaching faculty, including visiting artists

Minimonumentalism/Heroes and Myths, the Art of Dimitry and Daniel Kaminker
October 4 – October 29, 2004 - The Art Gallery was honored to host father and son, Dimitry and Daniel Kaminker from St. Petersburg, Russia to celebrate the opening of their special exhibit of their sculpture.

The exhibit showcased the Kaminker’s work by presenting small-scale bronze sculptures that served as models for the artists’ monumental works found in major museums and private collections throughout Russia and Scandinavia.  The work was witty, playful, and often infused with political sarcasm.  The Russian State Museum, which owns the world’s largest collection of Russian art, has purchased 16 pieces of Kaminker’s work and he has commissions all over the world.

BFA Exhibition:  Mechanized Vegetating Metropolis
November 29 - December 2, 2004
Alison Walls - Metalsmith
Brett Haberhorn - Sculptor
Angela Samuels - Painter

School of Communications Photography Senior Thesis:  Conversations of the Eye
December 6-10, 2004
Photography shown by Faune Benson, Jennifer Copeland, Kevin Dajnowicz, Jessica Dykstra, Nathan J. Eikelberg, Elizabeth Forbes, Tiffany Guzek, Lyndsay Konkus, Jason Meddaugh, Patrick Millard, Lisa Nancekivell, Tina Petiprin, Jill Randall, Beth Reese, Jennifer Sutphin, Alicia Welch, and Mark D. Williams