Brodsky 1

Whether the employer violated the CBA by not granting bereavement leave to the grievant? Grievance granted. (Public)

Glazer 12

Whether or not the contract was violated when a CB line was placed at one plant rather than one in another city? Grievance denied. (Public)

Schneider 9

Whether the Employer violated the terms and conditions of the CBA by altering employee deductions for health insurance premiums? Grievance denied. (Public)

Schneider 10

Whether the ER violated the CBA when it refused to allow a diabetic employee to return to work? Grievance granted. (Public)

Hornberger 3

Did the Employer violate the CBA when it did not pay employees 12 hours holiday pay where they were scheduled to work on a holiday and the plant did not operate? Grievance denied. (Public)

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