Chiesa 8

Whether or not the employer breached the CBA when it required an employee to return to his former position once he was eligible for the position again rather than allow him to stay in his current position? (Grievant had lost his former position and license due to a drunk driving infraction). Grievance denied. (Public)

Wolkinson 1

Whether or not the Employer violated the Grievant's contractual rights by involuntarily assigning him to a work location and by failing to honor his request for reassignment back to his former work location? Grievance granted. (Public)

Case: Bocken 5

Whether or not the employer had just cause to discharge an employee for not accepting a transfer position while on light duty assignment? Grievance Granted. (Private)

Case: Boyer Jr. 1

Whether or not the Employer violated the CBA when it failed to properly post and fill Lead Mechanic vacancy? Grievance Granted (Private)

Case: Steinberg 1

Whether or not an employee, who transferred back into the bargaining unit from management, is entitled to eight additional vacation days? Grievance Granted. (Private)

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