Girolamo 2

Whether the employer violated the CBA when it involuntarily transferred a secretary/receptionist from a high school to a middle school? Grievance granted. (Public)

Groty 1

Whether the assignment of the Grievant to teach two courses of U.S. History and two Language Arts classes complied with the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement? Grievance Denied. (Public)

Jason 1

Whether the employer violated the CBA when it assigned more students than there were work stations? Grievance granted. (Public)

McCormick 1

Whether the school district is required to transfer teachers involuntarily to assure the retention of those teachers with the most seniority? Grievance granted. (Public)

Patton 2

Whether the Employer violated the Agreement by assigning more students than work stations to science classes and by failing to consult with the Science Department Chair? Grievance granted in part and denied in part. (Public)

Rehmus 1

Whether the assignment of full-time duties to part-time employees (college counselors) was a violation of the Agreement? Grievance granted. (Public)

Sugerman 2

1. Whether there a vacancy for a regular teacher? Grievance granted.

2. If so, did the Employer violate the CBA by failing to honor the teacher's transfer request and install her in the position? Grievance granted. (Public)

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