Fact Finding, Interest & Grievance Awards By City and State

A. Grievance Arbitration: When the union and employer have a collective bargaining agreement (labor contract) but one side believes the contract has been violated the labor contract allows for the filing of a grievance. If the parties cannot resolve the grievance the labor contract usually allows the parties to go to arbitration and explain their case to an arbitrator. This type of arbitration is called grievance arbitration and the decision of the arbitrator is binding on both parties.

B. Fact Finding: When a union and management cannot settle a labor contract they may ask a fact finder to listen to their unresolved issues and make a recommendation that states how the fact finder would settle the collective bargaining agreement. Fact finding for public sector employees in Michigan is not binding on the parties. The fact finder's report is simply a recommendation.

C. Interest Arbitration: Interest arbitration is similar to fact finding in that a neutral listens to the parties and then states in writing how to settle the collective bargaining agreement. Interest arbitration for police and fire employees in Michigan, known as Act 312 arbitration, is binding on the parties. The award is in essence the labor agreement for the parties.

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