Salary and Benefits Minutes Dec 12, 2012

Attendance: Scott Whisler, Andrea Westdorp, Ron Perkins, Jennifer McCaul & David Smith


  • Questions were raised as to why [some] departments cant use P-Card for travel purchases.
    • Some people are seeing lagging reimbursement times.
    • Some people would rather use personal cards and/or travel agents.
    • Although this seems to be only in some departments, general guidelines may want to be reviewed.
    • It was mentioned that there may be an OnBase/Banner option rolled out soon for travel reimbursement.

HR  Enrollment

  • New UMR enrollment process went well. Only minor bugs were found in the new system.
  • We reviewed the process to get enrollment information to employees. Is everyone getting the notices?
    • Home mailings
    • Department mailings
    • Email

Meeting Minute Distribution

  • What is the meeting minute process from the AP Committee?
    • What happens to sub-committee meeting minutes once submitted to AP committee?
    • Where do AP Committee meetings get published?
    • Should we (Sub-Committees) be doing more to get them distributed?


  • Next meeting is scheduled for 1/14/13

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