Professional Development Minutes August 5, 2013

The AP Professional Development Subcommittee met on August 5, 2013 at 8:30 am on the Holland campus. Chair, Kate VanDerKolk welcomed members and opened the meeting. Members in attendance included:

  • Amy Campbell (group 1)
  • Takeelia Garrett-Lynn (group 2)
  • Luke DeMott (group 3)
  • Audra Courtade (group 4)
  • Kate VanDerKolk (group 6)
  • Maggie McCrystal (HR)
  • Not able to attend: Brad Gordon (group 5)

The Fall 2013 Excellence Series calendar was distributed and discussed. A moderator has been assigned for all Fall 2013 sessions, the moderator script was discussed as a template to use as an explanation of what our committee does and agreed upon by those in attendance that it is beneficial to include in the moderator presentation.

The Getting to Know Your GVSU Better program was discussed; this is a program we would like to bring back for the Winter 2014 semester. We identified potential departments/areas to have participate in the session. Group members will contact the department before our next meeting to see if they would be interested in participating. Maggie will provide some potential dates in January  February 2014. Departments identified and group members assigned are as follows:

  • Padnos International Center (Takeelia)
  • Library (Luke)
  • Sustainability (Brandon)
  • New Building Update  Facilities Services (Takeelia)
  • SBTDC (Kate)
  • Charter Schools (Audra)

Another item discussed was to keep our ears open for beginning of the semester start up meetings around campus and potentially sit in to discuss what the services of our committee are as well as our upcoming schedule for the Excellence Series.

Kate will follow up on what the AP Committee has decided on as the best way for members to communicate with their groups. She will also remind Jim about the suggestions that have been brought from IT on communication lists. Kate will follow up with Jim about the AP member that will receive the meeting minutes to be posted to the website.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 10th at 8:30am in Kirkhof 2243.

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