AP Committee Minutes March 18, 2013

AP Committee

Minutes  March 18, 2013

  1. Present: Michelle McCloud (Chair), Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Nicholas Nelson, Valerie Jones, Scott Richardson (ex-officio), Jackie Rautio, Aaron Perry (for Michelle DeWitt), and representatives from other sub-committees
  2. Absent: Ed Simon, Jim Seufert, Michelle DeWitt, Mike Kluczyk, Kim Walton, Quincy Williams

  • Approval of Minutes from 2/18/13  Approved.
    • Subcommittee Updates
      • Salary and Benefits ­No report.
      • Professional Development No report.
      • Awards Deadline extended to March 27. If having problems with Internet Explorer 9, try another browser.

  • Event Updates
    • AP Open Forum (May 8th)  Committee Report
    • AP Luncheon (April 25th) Committee Report

  • Questions/Concerns from AP Staff Members (if any) None.
  • Presentation  Linda Yuhas  AP Job Description module
    • AP job description module was developed in response to the Climate Study. AP staff responses to the study showed they were concerned that job descriptions were not available for AP positions.
    • Emails are going out to invite AP staff to update their job description online. Open positions in the last two years are already populated. Will have an approval process  supervisor, appointing officer, human resources and affirmative action  then to the GVSU intranet (HR secure  only available through with a GVSU login)  then market analysis (completed by Linda Yuhas).
    • Can change as needed. Can change if position becomes open and needs are re-evaluated.
    • Not mandatory. May be required by appointing officer or supervisor.
    • Listed by title and position number. Not listed by name.
    • Expectation is that EPDP job responsibilities and job description would be the same. More general/broad description/not a list of responsibilities.
    • Not linked directly with the salary.
    • Should discuss required and preferred experience/education with supervisor.
    • Greater benefit is to the broader University community. A way for internal candidates to find what is required for a position without having to have direct conversation with person currently in the role and their supervisor.
    • Roll out anticipated by the end of the semester.
  • Next meeting  (rescheduled) Monday, April 15th, 1-2:30, KC2215. Guest Speaker: Jim Bachmeier.

Minutes Submitted: Jennifer Schick

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