AP Committee Minutes February 17, 2014

AP Committee Meeting Minutes: Monday, February 17th, 2014

Present: Kaleb Klotz, Maggie McCrystal (for Scott Richardson), Amanda Pitts (for Elizabeth Lienau), John Rosick, Josh Stickney,

Absent: Valerie Jones, Mike Kluczyk, Elizabeth Lienau, Kristin Linscott, Sienna Mavima, Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Jim Seufert, Kim Walton

  1. Reports of officers and subcommittees

  1. ChairJim Seufert (absent due to conflict)
  1. Civil conduct Task Force: Draft policy has been completed and submitted to University Academic Senate for review. Once UAS approves, it will be sent to other stakeholders (like AP Committee) for review and comment. Once it becomes available, Jim will distribute to the various AP subcommittees for comments.
  2. Currently updating the AP email address list, which will hopefully be done by today (2/17)

  1. Salary & Benefits LiaisonJennifer Schick (absent due to conflict)
  1. The transition to Priority Health has gone smoothly, all things considered. There were some issues with prescriptions, and those issues have been resolved. Please let Dave Smith know if anyone is experiencing problems.
  2. The subcommittees minutes will reflect information related to HAS accounts/dependents/receipts and flex spending accounting timelines for incurring and submitting claims.
  3. Dave Smith showed a Youtube video at the S&B meeting: Priority Health Launches Healthcare Blue Book. One is able to compare costs and quality for different procedures across the Priority Health Network and be a better consumer of health services. We are advised, however, not to use the blue book as the only factor in choosing a provider but should also factor in our relationships with current providers.

  1. Awards LiaisonValerie Jones (absent due to conflict)
  1. The Awards Subcommittee Chair (Karel Swanson) has met with the AP Luncheon Subcommittee to coordinate how the awards will be woven into the luncheon program.
  2. The Awards Subcommittee continues to solicit nominations for the awards.

  1. AP ForumJohn Rosick
  1. Jim and John plan to meet this week to begin planning the Forum.

  1. WebmasterMike Kluczyk (absent due to conflict)
  1. The AP Committee website has a new banner, and the report of the AP Survey results has been posted.

  1. CommunicationsAmanda Pitts will be serving in place of Elizabeth for the near future
  1. We have a new email from which to send AP Committee communications: APCommittee@gvsu.edu. Group representatives emails can be entered as a reply-to address.
  2. A draft of the next newsletter was passed around and met with approval.
  1. Public Safety Committee LiaisonKaleb Klotz
  1. No meetings of this committee have been initiated.

  1. Guest: Bob Brown, Facilities Planning

  1. Bob, the project manager for the construction of the Seidman Center, led us on a tour of the facility.
  1. The Seidman Center opened in 2013. Gross square footage is around 127,000, and the project cost around $47M, paid for with tax credits, donations, and bonds. The structure is certified LEED Gold and was built primarily to house offices, classrooms, and student workspace for all of the departments of the Seidman College of Business. It also houses the Van Andel Global Trade Center, the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center, The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and The Family-Owned Business Institute. There are also conference rooms, a forum (large meetings and seminars) and a small café. Even though the building has been open less than a year, it is essentially full. If a program is to expand in a meaningful way, new space will have to be found and something relocated.

  1. Adjourn. Next meeting: Monday, March 17th, 2:30, 2201 KC. Guest speaker: Ruth Stegeman, Office of Community Engagement, speaking at 3:00.

Minutes submittedJoshua Stickney

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