AP Committee Minutes August 19, 2013

AP Committee Minutes

August 19, 2013, 2:30 PM, Mary Idema Pew Library

Present: Jim Seufert (Chair), Jamie Schlagel, Josh Stickney, Elizabeth Lienau, Jennifer Schick, Kristin Linscott, Mike Kluczyk, Sienna Mavima

Absent: Kaleb Klotz, Valerie Jones, Kim Walton, Scott Richardson

  1. Introductions, review and approval of 5/20/13 meeting minutes, review agenda

  1. Officer and subcommittee reports
    1. The following positions were appointed/confirmed for 2013-2014

Chair: Jim Seufert

Vice-Chair: Josh Stickney

Secretary: Kim Walton

Salary & Benefits Liaison: Jennifer Schick

Awards Liaison: Valerie Jones

Professional Development Liaison: Sienna Mavima

AP Luncheon (3): Jamie Schlagel

Mike Kluczyk

Kristin Linscott

AP Forum (2): Jim Seufert

Jon Rosick

Webmaster: Mike Kluczyk

Communications: Elizabeth Lienau

Public Safety Liaison: Kaleb Klotz

  1. Professional Development (Sienna)  Excellence Series set, new emphasis on Get to Know Your GVSU.
  2. Salary & Benefits - Updates to open enrollment. HSA employer contribution cut, Healthy choices update.

  1. Meeting schedule and invitees  Confirmed typical meeting time will be 3rd Monday at 2:30, every 3rd meeting to occur at a venue other than Allendale. List of proposed speakers to be given to HR for scheduling

  1. AP Forum Survey  Has been expanded to all AP committee functions. Val has narrowed the questions and will present the finished product at the next meeting

  1. Committee Communications  The committee (lead by Jim S.) discussed making the primary source of communications Human Resources. Committee members would then follow-up with their own message. Next communication will be welcome back & survey. Elizabeth L. to draft for committee review

  1. Library Tour  Erin Fisher, Library Program Manager

  1. Adjourn  Next meeting 9/16/13, 2:30pm, KC 1142

Minutes Submitted: Jim Seufert

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