AP Awards 2011

Congratulations to the Award Winners!

Commitment to Diversity
MarcQus Wright, Assistant Director of Residential Camps and Conferences

MarcQus Wright is a leader and advocate for a life experience that is filled with diverse encounters. He is currently doing projects, research, and reports on how to further diversify at Grand Valley. MarcQus goes out of his way to help minority students and all students in need of guidance on campus. He specializes in student mentoring, personal diversity development, and team building. He is also a true colors facilitator.

Commitment to Students
Jo Ann Litton, pre-professional advisor

Jo Ann Litton helps students plan and coordinate a variety of programs to help them prepare for successful application to professional schools. Jo Ann has used her long tenure at the university in other service areas as an asset to her current work. She has also identified partners in the medical community who can offer opportunities to the pre-professional students. This ranges from internships to special speakers, volunteer opportunities or visits to hospitals and medical schools. Students say she is helpful, easy to work with, and the only one they want to make an appointment with when they need advising.

Meaghann Myers-Smith, Padnos International Center

Ben Rapin, Institutional Marketing
Meaghan and Ben led their respective units on a 7-year, collaborative and highly innovative project called OASIS: Online Application System for International Study. The data tracking and study abroad administration program is the most advanced customized study abroad application. Students benefit by having a convenient way to apply for study abroad and to manage their data. Faculty benefit by being able to look at student applications online and make their acceptance decisions easily. The university benefits by having a data system that is crucial in emergencies. When the Chile earthquake happened on a Saturday in Feb. 2010, the number of students studying there could immediately be identified.

Service to Community
Shelley Irwin, WGVU

Shelley works constantly in the West Michigan community & serving on boards and volunteering to improve the community. She continues to serve as emcee, moderator, or guest speaker for dozens of area events. Besides serving as chair for the Press Club of Grand Rapids, Shelley serves as a committee member for two area organizations and sits on the board of five other area organizations. She also played Miep in the Civics production of & Diary of Anne Frank. As the host of WGVU's The Morning Show, Shelley has received five consecutive Gracie Allen Awards from American Women in TV and Radio for excellence as a program host.

Outstanding Team Project
50th Anniversary Book Team
Teri Losey, Mary Eilleen Lyon, Michele Coffill, Dottie Barnes, Brian J. Bowe, Mary Pirkola, Bernadine Carey-Tucker, Amanda Pitts, Elizabeth Lienau, Rhonda Lubberts, Jackie Cuppy, John Zerfas, Nancy Crittenden, Kyle Douglass, Dave Poortvliet, Ben Rapin, Kelley Rogers, Chris Barbee, Robert Beasecker, Henry Matthews, Nancy Richard and Robbi Osipoff.
Grand Valley's 50th anniversary book includes a timeline, more than 300 photos and stories and memories from campus leaders to tell the story of how Grand Valley grew from a college in a cornfield to a comprehensive university. Staff members in News and Information Services researched and wrote the book, staff members in Institutional Marketing designed it and worked with printers and book binders. Online support came from IM; distribution help came from University Bookstore. A committee of people from Art and Design, Alumni Relations and University Archives helped develop the concept. The university now has a permanent record of history in a concise book. The low cost ($19.95) makes it affordable for students and the public.

AP Achievement Award
Susan Mendoza, director of Integrative Learning

This years winner of the AP Achievement award is described as multi- talented with a wide range of abilities as an administrator and student-affairs professional. This person is also described as having unparalleled knowledge in student learning theories. This person is known for enhancing student learning by removing barriers to innovative learning and practice. Coworkers say she has a knack for clarifying issues when everyone else is at a loss to get to the core of the matter. And, they say when she speaks, everyone listens because they know her comments will be to the point and on target. The AP Achievement Award winner serves as Director of Integrative Learning. She is also director of the Community Reading Project and director of Undergraduate Research. Susan Mendoza is also involved in Student Scholars Day, Student Summer Scholars, and the Community Reading Project to name a few. In every program, Susan has increased the quality and scope of the program& encouraged participation by faculty and staff & and elevated the standards for the program. Congratulations Susan Mendoza!!

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