Class announcement - ANT 430: Anthropology of the Extremes

March 06, 2019

Class announcement - ANT 430: Anthropology of the Extremes

ANT 430, Issues in Contemporary Anthropology, CRN 26550

ANT 430 an upper-division examination of contemporary issues being explored in the field of anthropology. In Fall 2019, the topic is “Extreme Anthropology,” defined by the Extreme Anthropology Research Network as focusing on “extreme subjects and practices and critically exploring the notion of the ‘extreme’ within contemporary cultural, political and economic environments.” Throughout the semester we will look at such topics as humans living in extreme environments (such as outer space), technological extremes (such as transhumanism and biohacking), other activities and subcultures considered “extreme” within their own societies, as well as “extreme” practices in anthropology (for instance, ethnographic fieldwork undertaken in criminal contexts and “gonzo anthropology”). This course, which meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5:45pm, can be taken to meet elective requirements for majors and minors. Prerequisites include ANT 210 and either ANT 204, 206 or 215, although the instructor will consider pre-requisite overrides for students who can make a convincing case. Contact Professor Deana Weibel ( for more information.

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