Faculty Recognition

Anthropology Faculty Recognitions: 2008-2010

Faculty Research

Dale Borders (Visiting Assistant Professor) helped supervise the anthropology field school excavating historic sites at Hastings, Michigan. He presented a paper at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting (April 2008). 

Janet Brashler was on sabbatical leave for the 2008-2009 AY, conducting research in South Dakota. She recently published Brashler, et. al., Middle Woodland Occupation in the Grand River Basin of Michigan in Recreating Hopewell,  Jane Buikstra and Doug Charles, eds., University of Florida Press.

Judith Corr published (with Lorraine Tarou) "Behavior and Personality in the Study of Successful Aging," a book chapter in The Handbook of Models for Human Aging,  P. Michael Conn, ed . Elsevier Publications.

Ann Kroll Lerner recently published "Keep the Yurt Fires Burning: Ethnographic Accounts and Religious Myths Surrounding Indigenous Fire Use in Western Siberia," in The Archaeology of Fire, Understanding Fire as Material Culture, Dragos Gheorghiu and George Nash (eds.). During the summer 2008, she helped supervise the anthropology field school at Prison Farm, Ionia, Michigan. Dr. Kroll Lerner is involved with student projects, including serving as a 2008-09 McNair Scholar Program Advisor for Tiffany Cross, project titled, Exploring Permanent Property: Tattoo Acquisition in Middle America. She received an "Excellence in Teaching Award" from the Panhellenic Council/Student Life Fund, Grand Valley State University, Fall 2006.

Cindy Hull published "From Field to Factory and Beyond: New Strategies for New Realities in a Yucatecan Village," in Globalization and Change in Fifteen Cultures (2007) George Spindler and Janice Stockard, eds., Wadsworth. She continues research on social and economic change in a rural Michigan farming community, and has recently submission of book length manuscript for publication. During the project, Dr. Hull involved six GVSU Anthropology majors in the 2005 field work.    

Azizur Molla is involved in two recent research projects: Study of Public Health Risks Associated With Indoor Radon Gas in Mansfield, Pennsylvania and Status of Recycling at MU and Recommendations for Improvement. He is currently writing a book on Medical Anthropology to be published by Edwin Mellen Press in 2008. He recently published "Power of Culture in Selecting Health Care Providers in Rural Bangladesh-An Ethnoscientific Analysis" in the Review of Economic Anthropology (2007) vol. 26, The Economics of Health and Wellness: An Anthropological Perspective. Dr. Molla recently presented the paper, "Study of Public Health Risks Associated With Indoor Radon Gas in Mansfield, Pennsylvania," at the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) annual meeting at Tucson, Arizona June 2008.

Russell Rhoads is writing a book on the results of a research and field school project on farmers' markets and local food systems in West Michigan, "West Michigan Farmers Markets: Linking Food to Community." He is also conducting research on the role of interfaith in local social services.
Dr. Schwartz recently completed his third excavation season as assistant director of the Hirbemerdon Tepe Archaeological Project in Turkey. His publications include "Analysis of a Burned Room from the Early Bronze Age Period III Levels of Tilbes Höyük, Turkey, IN Tilbes Hoyuk I: Continuity and Change in the Early Bronze Age. (in press) Mitchell Rothman, ed.; "Bulk Stable Carbon and Deuterium Isotope Analyses of Bitumen Artifacts from   Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey: Reconstructing Broad Economic Patterns of the Uruk Expansion." (with David Hollander) Journal of Archaeological Science (in press); and "Migration, Diffusion and Emulation: Petrographic Comparisons of Early Transcaucasian and Anatolian Pottery from Malatya-Elaz1g, Turkey." (with Katherine Erdman) Ancient Near Eastern Studies (2009). Dr. Schwartz will appear on the History Channel as an expert in the upcoming documentary series Battles BC.

Heather Van Wormer published "The Ties that Bind: Ideology, Material Culture and the Utopian Ideal," in the Journal of the Society for Historical Archaeology 40:1: 37-56 (2006).

Deana Weibel and Glen E. Swanson published "Malinowski in Orbit: 'Magical Thinking' in Human Spaceflight Quest," in The History of Spaceflight Quarterly 13 (3): 53-61.


Mark Schwartz received a grant from the Curtiss T. Brennan and Mary G. Brennan Foundation for archaeological field research. 

  Academic Positions

Janet Brashler, editor of peer reviewed journal, Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology.

Cindy Hull, re-elected to the Executive Board of the Central States Anthropological Society (2008)

Russell Rhoads, Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology

Heather Van Wormer, Board Member, Communal Studies Association

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