Dr. Russell Rhoads

Dr. Russell Rhoads

Retired- Associate Professor

Office: 234 Lake Michigan Hall

Phone: 331-3018

Email: [email protected]

Applied and development anthropology, food and agriculture, dislocation and resettlement, qualitative and ethnographic methods

Dr. Rhoads (PhD Kentucky 1994) is an applied cultural anthropologist with a specialty in agricultural anthropology, food systems, migration and resettlement, and anthropological methods. His recent research focuses on land acquisition, resettlement and development in Uganda and East Africa. Rhoads was awarded a Fulbright Scholars grant (2014-2015) for teaching at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda and serving as a Research Fellow at Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE, Kampala). Both abroad and at GVSU, Rhoads participates in designing community engagement programs and capacity-building through community-based research. He has a long-term interest in food systems in Western Michigan, specifically food insecurity in the context of urban development and farmers markets. Currently, Rhoads teaches classes in the topical areas of globalization and development, migration, theory and methods, including ANT 204, 345 (including hybrid format), 490 (internships) and 495.

Recent Research and Publications: 

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