GVSU Young Alumni Council Committees

Council committees provide advice, counsel and review through hands on planning of Young Alumni Council programming. Committees are comprised of assigned/appointed board members, a designated chair, and other alumni as deemed necessary.

Committees are frequently accepting new members and duties vary based on event/program needs. The committee chair works in conjunction with the Young Alumni Council and the Alumni Staff Administrator to develop annual committee goals.

For more information about how to get involved in committee work, contact alumni@gvsu.edu or call 800-588-9541.

Activities Committee
Chair: Kayla Cupples, ’10
Chair: John Frawley, ’09 & ’10

The purpose of the Activities Committee is to increase alumni participation in events and engage more alumni volunteers and event attendees inside and outside of the university. They are responsible for coordinating with Alumni Relations staff in planning volunteering, social and networking events for alumni.

Engagement Committee
Chair: Katie Perschbacher, ’07

The purpose of the Engagement Committee is to coordinate with Alumni Relations staff in outreach to current students (graduating seniors) and new graduates. They are responsible for building awareness of the Young Alumni Council by identifying YAC speaking opportunities and planning professional development events for Young Alumni.

Development Committee
Chair: Layna Buthker, ’13
Chair: Audra Hartges, ’14

The purpose of the Development Committee is to support the Alumni Association and university strategic plans in financially supporting Grand Valley by helping to plan Young Alumni fundraising events, making asks when comfortable, and providing connections from Alumni Relations to potential donors.

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