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Dr. Asli Y. Akbulut

Dr. Asli Y. Akbulut

Dr. Asli Y. Akbulut is Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Management Department in the Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University. She has been a member of the faculty since 2003.

Dr. Akbulut received her Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Information Systems and Decision Sciences from Louisiana State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration degree from Ankara University. 

As an educator, Dr. Akbulut views teaching not as a job, but rather a way of life and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students with whom she interacts.  

Dr. Akbulut does an excellent job in relating to her students and motivating them to strive for excellence. Student comments about her are replete with overwhelming praise for her unlimited availability, tremendous concern for student learning, extremely helpful nature and an immaculate organization of lectures. Her students often call Dr. Akbulut “an amazing professor”, “very professional and intelligent”, “outstanding”, “a very caring and compassionate professor”, and “genuinely interested in student learning”. 

Dr. Akbulut’s research has resulted in an impressive list of publications in premier journals. She has also written two books and numerous book chapters, and presented her work at several national and international conferences. 

An actively engaged member in university activities, Dr. Akbulut, has played a central role in the design, development and delivery of new course offerings to support the needs of our students.  She is a member of the Association for Information Systems, Decision Sciences Institute, and Beta Gamma Sigma-Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business. She serves a board member for the Association for Information Systems’ Special Interest Group on Education. 

Based on her extraordinary performance in teaching, research, and service, Dr. Akbulut received early tenure and promotion to associate professor in 2008. Moreover, she was a recipient of the 2007 GVSU Pew Teaching Excellence Award. 

She has a daughter, Ocean Ada, and currently resides in Ada, MI.

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