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Vondie Woodbury, '71

Vondie Woodbury, '71

Since 1995, Executive Director of the Muskegon Community Health Project, Vondie Woodbury, ’71 has developed and implemented several community health programs. Her approach is based on a collaborative decision-making process. Members of the community play an active role in improving the access to health care and reducing the inequality in coverage.  Some of these programs include antibiotic education campaigns, web-based community health information networks, and a faith-based initiative promoting health in the local African-American community. The organization was also the first in the county to ­­­implement a health improvement program in Spanish.
In 2004, Woodbury and the Health Project helped start Access Health, a program that helps people who work for uninsured small businesses get health coverage. It helps by dividing the cost of insurance between the employer, employee, and various public funds.
Before her career with the Health Project, Woodbury spent 14 years working for Senator Donald Riegle. She worked first as a campaign manager in 1988, then as the chief of staff.
Earlier in her career, Woodbury focused on helping the homeless and runaway youth. As executive director of Michigan Coalition of Runaway Services she increased awareness on issues that affect runaways, young women, and family dysfunction.
Woodbury co-authored Out of the Box and Over the Barrier, a book designed to help communities address their uninsured and underinsured members. She is chair of the Board of Directors at the Michigan Community Coordinated Child Care Association, a founding member of Communities Joined in Action, and an active member in the Michigan Access to Care Coalition.
Woodbury graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in political science. She finished her masters of public administration from Western Michigan University in 1976 and later completed the Economic Development Practitioner Training Program at the University of Michigan.
She is proud to call Muskegon her home.

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