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Frank Buscemi, '93

Frank Buscemi, '93

Title/Employer:  Executive Vice President/Partner of Near Perfect Media

Degree Earned/Emphasis Area:  B.S. in Journalism


1. What has your journey been since graduation? 
I left GVSU thinking I’d become a sports writer or broadcaster or a full-time musician. After a couple of years of being a sportswriter, I sort of fell into the PR world. The PR and marketing world became a fulfilling career move. I’ve been able to work all over the world and have a lot of fun with it. 

2. How has Grand Valley had a role in your journey? 
I was one of only two people from my graduating class (Chippewa Valley High School, 1989) to go to GVSU. I went with the full intention of transferring to a university that was somewhere warm, but ended up liking it so much that I stayed. It was a great decision, and I was able to get a solid education and build relationships that have lasted for more than two decades.  

3. What is your favorite Grand Valley memory? 
I have many, but one of my favorites was just before Halloween in 1989 – my freshman year.  It snowed about 16 inches on campus one day and later that night, a bunch of guys who lived in Robinson Hall went out and played football for a few hours in Robinson Field under the lights. It was totally spontaneous, because none of us really knew each other and it was an absolute blast.

4. What three words describe your experience at Grand Valley?  
Life long friendships.

5. How, and why, have you stayed involved with Grand Valley since graduation? 
Early on after graduation, I attended many alumni events, was involved with the TKE Alumni Chapter, and came back for several homecomings. Since then, several members of my family have attended GVSU. Today, my stepson, Noah Correll, is a sophomore at GVSU.

During the past year, I have spoken to the GVSU chapter of the American Marketing Association and have been a guest professor in the Communications Department, speaking to Advertising and Marketing classes. This is something I plan to continue to do, in order to provide a “real world” perspective on the Marketing Communications field.

6. Why are you proud to be a Laker for a Lifetime?  
I had a great experience at GVSU and it is tremendous to see just how far the university has come. It is a great school and I’m glad I experienced it.

7. What do you like to do for fun? 
I’m a sports junkie, so I watch regularly. I like golf, playing music, traveling with the family to tropical locations, and enjoying a good cigar on the patio.

8. What is your favorite quote/motto to live by? 
Most of my favorite quotes come from funny movies. As far as mottos go, I’m a history buff, so I like to say that “To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been.”

9. What motivates you?
I always make sure to have something to look forward to – whatever that may be – if it’s a trip, sporting event, something with the family, something cool at work… It doesn’t have to be huge – could be lunch with an old friend. Having something to look forward to enables a good work/life balance.

10. What book or movie have you recently enjoyed? 
No one single item for me. But, my entire family is obsessed with big series movies. We religiously follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the Star Trek and Star Wars films. We basically align plans to the launch dates of these movies. 

October, 2016

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