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George Bosnjak, '04 & '06

George Bosnjak, '04 & '06

Title/Employer:  Director Sales & Business Development, Great Lakes Health Connect

Degree Earned/Emphasis Area:  B.S. in Economics, M.S. in Public Administration.


1. What has your journey been since graduation?
I have been fortunate professionally, both before and since graduation, to have had opportunities to work with great organizations. Starting with the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, the City of Grand Haven, and The Right Place, and now with Great Lakes Health Connect. 

With those positions I have enjoyed chances to serve and give back to our community on boards and in volunteer roles, with Bethlehem Lutheran Church, The Public Museum, and the GVSU Alumni Association.

2. How has Grand Valley had a role in your journey?
Because GVSU plays such a large part in the West Michigan business and non-profit world, there are great connections to be made if you seek them out. I personally had two professors who went above and beyond in helping me connect to the professional world and opening the door to my career path.

3. What is your favorite Grand Valley memory?
My favorite Grand Valley memory is marrying my wife Jill at the Cook DeWitt Center; we also meet at GVSU.

4. What three words describe your experience at Grand Valley?
Foundational / Eye-opening / Fun

5. How have you stayed involved with Grand Valley since graduation?
I currently serve as the president of the School of Public and Non-Profit Administration Alumni Association. I also helped coordinate leaders of local business in an advisory roll through the S2B program.

6. Why are you proud to be a Laker for a Lifetime?
In my family there are five GVSU graduates, and each of them have benefited from their experience there, and shaped who they are today.  However, more than just gaining a career, my family members have gained the opportunity to give back, and I believe that is a core value that, at least for me, was nurtured at GVSU.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
My wife Jill and I both had the opportunity to study abroad while we were students at GVSU, and we continue to enjoy exploring new cultures today. We do our best to travel abroad as often as we can, and today we bring our two young daughters with us. Hopefully they carry on that love of exploring new places and meeting new people.

8. What is your favorite quote/motto to live by?
Don’t be afraid to go first.

9. What motivates you?
Today, my family is my greatest motivation. I care very much about the world my daughters will live in. The core of that motivation is creating a better world than we found. I truly believe that everyone can make things better for others.

10. What book or movie have you recently enjoyed?
My favorite book recently: The Big Short, and of all time: Eichmann in Jerusalem.

October 2016

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