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Arthur Campbell, D.M.A.

Arthur Campbell, D.M.A.

Dr. Arthur Campbell began teaching with the determination to give undergraduate music students the education he felt was lacking in most universities. He came to Grand Valley State University with the shared idea that all students deserve honest yet positive criticism from their instructors, to create a trusted confidence in their own talents and abilities.

Since coming to Grand Valley State University in 1996, Campbell has shaped the lives of dozens of graduating classes of clarinetists. His lessons lay out rudimentary guidelines in which his students may learn and grow while focusing on the changing needs of each student and each day. His holistic approach to education has gained mutual respect from his students and fellow educators as he challenges himself to give the “what,” “why,” and “how” of all of his methods and lessons. These methods have led alumni to become successful national and international performers,educators,composers, conductors, and entrepreneurs making Grand Valley State University’s undergraduate clarinet program one of the best in the country.

Campbell’s students admire his talents and are grateful for his encouragement and willingness to offer guidance, both as a music professor and as a counselor. His magnanimity and dedication to honesty created a studio environment where students felt respected, appreciated, and challenged.

Campbell earned his Bachelor of Music from Mount Allison University and his Master and Doctor of Music from Northwestern University. He was one of only three students ever to complete a D.M.A. under the late Robert Marcellus, principal clarinetist of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Nationally and internationally recognized for his talents and achievements, Campbell’s classical recordings have been awarded with such honors as the Supersonic Award in Belgium, the Reccomendo Award in Spain, the Magnifique Award in France, and Record of the Month and Star of the Month in Germany. His repertoire also includes contemporary recorded releases from Everglade Records, Centaur Records, Gasparo Records, and ICA Recording Project which have been broadcast around the world.

He and his wife, associate professor of music at Grand Valley State University, Helen Marlais, were nominated for the 2013 International Classical Music Awards for their recording, “Music for Clarinet and Piano.” This is one of the most prestigious honors for classical musicians today. The couple lives in Grand Rapids.

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