Alumni in 5


Hunter Stephens '22

I love going and supporting our Lakers no matter what sport they are playing. The energy from football games and the Laker pride will always stick with me!

Michael Peuler '77

My favorite Grand Valley memory is walking between buildings holding a rope during snow storms.

Kelly Holst-Haley '11

Being a part of Campus Ministry is my favorite GV memory. We always had a lot of fun and I meet some of by best friends through there.

Heath Biller '11

I don't believe in superstitions, I would walk under the blue transformational link backwards.

Colin Cumming '16

I visited Seattle with others in my graduate program to attend a conference, which became one of my favorite Grand Valley memories.

Karen Kekelik '15

My best GVSU memory is meeting my best friend- Katarina Mannor (now Dean).

Steve Lyons '10

One of my favorite memories was living with 3 of my best friends in college at an apartment together.

Adam Vande Kerkhoff '18

My favorite Grand Valley memory was tailgating with my fraternity brothers before football games. Everyone was decked out in GVSU colors, ready to cheer the team on.

Jeffrey Kik '76

Some of my favorite GVSU memories are sitting and chatting with Carlos Santana after his concert, meeting Walter Cronkite, and finding my best friend.

Jahaven Haye '19

My favorite Grand Valley moment would be when my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc- Iota Epsilon chapter, was able to do a campus and community wide water drive.

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