Science on Tap - From Research To Public Policies

Science on Tap - From Research To Public Policies

Date and Time

Thursday, June 14, 2018 8:00 PM


SpeakEZ Lounge, 600 Monroe Ave. NW 49503


Science on Tap is an opportunity for conversation, debate and interaction between scientists and the public while enjoying your favorite libation. Each month at the SpeakEZ Lounge, a knowledgeable expert hosts a discussion about a current scientific topic: cutting edge cancer detection techniques, climate change, Ebola virology, sex in the animal kingdom, Parkinson's disease, or brewing beer, to name just a few. This is a great chance to indulge your academic interests in a casual setting while enjoying great food and beverages.

This June:  From Research To Public Policies
Public policy offers a way to make an impact on a large scale. While to many of us, it makes sense to develop public policies based on sound scientific research, to others, science matters less. As scientists and citizen activists, how you approach and engage with the policy-making process is critical to successfully creating science-based policies. During this talk, we will explore ways to approach translating scientific research into public policy. Using examples from nutrition policy, we’ll talk about the nuances of opportunity windows and timing, storytelling and framing messages, and partnerships and grassroots engagement.  

DATE: June 14, 2018
TIME: 8pm
LOCATION: SpeakEZ Lounge
MAP: 600 Monroe Ave. NW 49503
COST: On own
FREQUENCY: Second Thursday of every month at 8pm.

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