Executive Committee Roles


The President shall schedule and preside over all meetings of the Association, GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Executive Committee. He or she shall act as spokesperson for the Alumni Association and shall regularly attend the meetings of the GVSU Board of Trustees, and may designate, when appropriate, another member of the Executive Committee to act on his or her behalf for these purposes. The President shall delegate to the Vice Presidents and other members of the Executive Committee such affairs and activities of the Board as he/she deems appropriate. He/she shall also have the right to attend all committee, and sub-committee meetings, in addition to other activities and university events. The President shall vote only in tie-breaking situations.

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents shall serve to oversee three distinct arms of the Alumni Association and associated committees:

Vice-President of Finance is responsible for:
Fundraising Committee
Annual giving

Vice-President of Recognition is responsible for:

Vice-President of Public Relations is responsible for:
University Relations
Bylaws Review

If a Vice-President is elected President-Elect they will remain in their post until their Presidential term begins. 


The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and transcription of all official meetings of the GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings. In conjunction with the Alumni Relations Office, he/she shall maintain the records of the Alumni Association and direct all notices or correspondence to the Executive Committee, GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors or members of the Association.  In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall preside at meetings, when the President-Elect is not serving.

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