Career Exploration

Career Exploration

The demand for many health care professions exceeds the supply. With the aging of the American population, a boom in health care employment is expected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that at least half of the 10 fastest growing occupations will be in health care fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects tens of thousands of new jobs for hospital workers. In addition, as the healthcare system continues its extraordinary state of transition, many new employment opportunities will occur in areas outside the realm of traditional hospitals.

This degree can prepare students for employment opportunities in areas, such as healthcare informatics, medical interpretation, community mental health, and entry-level positions in health care and extended care management.

Grand Valley is ideally suited to educate a wide variety of healthcare professionals. The university's geographic location, access to high-quality clinical environments, strong relationships with the regional medical education community and network, excellent faculty, supportive administration, experience in the education of health care professionals, and a growing student population all combine to form an ideal environment for the development of new health care profession educational programs.

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