Inclusion Advocate Directory

Full Name Email Department Division Classification Last Annual Update Meeting Attended Eligibility
Aaron Caccamo [email protected] Procurement Services AP 12-3-2021 DEI active View
Aaron Lowen [email protected] Seidman College of Business - Economics Faculty 11/1/2021 active View
Aaron Turner [email protected] WGVU Public Media AP 11/1/2021 active View
Abraham Eapen [email protected] University Counseling Center AP 3-5-2021 active View
Alex Jacobsson [email protected] Education - Student Information & Services Center AP 3/29/2023 active View
Alisha Davis [email protected] Social Justice Center Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach Faculty 11-9-2021 active View
Allie Goeddeke [email protected] Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies PSS 1/5/2022 DEI active View
Alyson Murphy [email protected] Charter Schools AP 11-9-2021 active View
Amanda Blanchette [email protected] Admissions Office AP 12/10/2021 DEI active View
Amber Roberts [email protected] University Counseling Center AP 11-9-2021 active View
Amy Campbell [email protected] Recreation & Wellness Student Affairs AP 11-9-2021 active View
Amy McFarland [email protected] Environmental and Sustainability Studies Faculty 11/17/2022 Yes View
Andrea Westdorp [email protected] Accounting Business Office AP 11-9-2021 active View
Andrew Bixel [email protected] University Development AP 11/1/2021 active View
Andy Beachnau [email protected] Vice Provost - Dean of Students AP 12/7/2021 DEI active View
Angela Munford [email protected] Records / Registration Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach PSS 11/1/2021 active View
Anne Jbara [email protected] Legal, Compliance & Risk Management Division AP 11-9-2021 active View
Annie Belanger [email protected] University Libraries - Dean's Office Executive 11-12-2021 active View
Annukka Thelen [email protected] Education - Student Information & Services Center AP 11-9-2021 active View
Arthur Campbell [email protected] Department of Music, Theatre and Dance Faculty 11/1/2021 active View
Ashley Jefferson [email protected] School of Engineering Academic Affairs PSS 11-9-2021 active View
Ashley Rosener [email protected] University Libraries - Grand Rapids Faculty 11-9-2021 active View
Ashley Shannon [email protected] English / CLAS Academic Affairs Faculty 11/12/2021 active View
Audra Courtade [email protected] Accounting Business Office AP 2-25-2021 active View
Azizur Molla [email protected] Public Health Faculty 2-25-2021 active View

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