Ingrid Gallegos

Ingrid Gallegos

"The faculty members here are really nice. They're always there to help me out with every question I have, and they give me advice and support and guidance." - Ingrid Gallegos, marketing major Read More

Grand Valley Admissions

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Jazz McKinney

City: Detroit, MI
Major: Psychology
Minor: Women and gender studies and Math
Year in Freshman Academy: 2004
Graduation Year: 2009

Being in FA helped to introduce me to GVSU and gave me time to learn my way around with my cohort. It was a way to help break me into the college lifestyle without it being too overwhelming, and I had a lot of personalized attention from the FA mentors and teachers to answer any questions that I may have had. It also let me bond and have a support group with a select group of people who were going through the same process as I was. FA taught me better time management, the intricacies of making my way around campus, gave me my first job, and some of my first contacts that I still keep in touch with to this day.

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