Kirsten Strom, Ph.D.

Kirsten Strom, Ph.D.

"The liberal education aspect of the degree here at Grand Valley is really good at developing transferable skills. No matter what the students end up doing, they'll do it well." - Kirsten Strom, Art and Design Department Read More

Grand Valley Admissions

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Monroe County Community College

General Education


Students must select one course from each category


ENGL 152: English Composition II


ART 155: Art Appreciation
ART 280: Art History: Prehistoric
ART 281: Art History: Renaissance
ART 282: Art History: Neo-classical/Early Modern
HUMAN 151: Introduction to Humanities
THEA 151: Introduction to Theatre
MUSIC 157: Listening to Classical Music
MUSIC 170: Introduction to Music Theory I
MUSIC 265: History & Appreciation of Jazz
MUSIC 266: History of Rock Music
MUSIC 268: Popular Music in America


ENGL 240: African American Literature
ENGL 253: American Literature
ENGL 260: Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL 266: Non-Western Literature
ENGL 267: British Literature: Anglo Saxon to 18th Century
ENGL 268: British Literature: Romantic to Modern
PHIL 152: Introduction to Western Philosophy
PHL 253: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion


HIST 151: Western Civilization to 1650
HIST 152: Western Civilization, 1650 to Present
HIST 153: History of Michigan
HIST 154: History of the United States, 1607-1877
HIST 155: History of the United States, 1877 - Present
HIST 158: World History to 1500


CIS 150: Computer Science I
CIS 152: Visual Basic Programming
CIS 250: Computer Science II
MATH 156: Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 157: College Algebra
MATH 159: Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry
MATH 162: Introduction to Statistics
MATH 164: Precalculus
MATH 166: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MATH 171: Calculus I
MATH 172: Calculus II
MATH 251: Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 271: Calculus III
MATH 273: Introduction to Differential Equations
PHIL 151: Introduction to Logic


Select one from Physical Sciences and one from Life
Sciences. One of those courses must contain a lab.

ASTRN 151: Introduction to Astronomy
CHEM 150: Fundamental Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 151: General College Chemistry I
CHEM 152: General College Chemistry II
CHEM 160: Fundamentals of Health Science Chemistry
CHEM 251: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 252: Organic Chemistry II
ESC 151: Earth Science
GEOG 151: Elements of Physical Geography
PHYSC 151: Physical Science
PHY 151: General Physics I
PHY 152: General Physics II
PHY 251: Engineering Physics I


Select one from Physical Sciences and one from Life
Sciences. One of those courses must contain a lab.

BIOL 151: Biological Sciences I
BIOL 153: Biological Sciences II
BIOL 154: Introduction to Environmental Science
BIOL 157: Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 158: Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 251: Elements of Botany
BIOL 252: Elements of Zoology
BIOL 259: Introduction to Pathophysiology
BIOL 260: General Microbiology


ANTHR 152: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTHR 155: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTHR 165: Eastern North American Archaeology
ECON 251: Principles of Economics I
ECON 252: Principles of Economics II
GEOG 152: World Regional Geography
POLSC 154: Introduction to Law Enforcement
POLSC 211: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLSC 221: State & Local Government
PSYCH 151: General Psychology
PSYCH 152: Psychology of Personality/Adjustment
PSYCH 153: Social Psychology
PSYCH 156: Tje Exceptional Person
PSYCH 251: Child Psychology
SWK 151: Introduction to Social Services
SOC 151: Principles of Sociology
SOC 153: Women in Society
SOC 160: Social Gerontology
SOC 161: Death, Loss and Grief
SOC 251: Modern Social Problems


Students must select one course from each category


ANTHR 152: Introductory Cultural Anthropology
BMGT 220: International Business
ENGL 266: Non-Western Literature
FREN 252: Second Year French II
GEOG 152: World Regional Geography
GERMN 252: Second Year German II
HIST 255: History of East Asia
POLSC 211: Introduction to Comparative Politics
SPAN 252: Second Year Spanish II


ENGL 240: African American Literature
HIST 160: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 256: African-American History
SOC 152: Marriage and the Family
SOC 251: Modern Social Problems

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