Merritt Taylor, Ph.D.

Merritt Taylor, Ph.D.

"Grand Valley students are well prepared, they work hard, and it's a great opportunity and privilege as a professor to be able to show them opportunities that they may not have seen before." - Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Sciences Department Read More

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Montcalm Community College

Program Guide: English

First Year

First Semester
ENGL 100 3
MATH 159 or 102 or 190 3-4
World Perspectives elective 3
Elective 3
ENGL 200 3
Second Semester
ENGL 101 3
Social Science elective 3
U.S. Diversity elective 3
ENG elective 3
ENGL 201 3

Second Year

First Semester
Social Science elective 3
Science Lab elective 4
ENGL 220 3
Foreign Language I 4
Second Semester
Elective 3
Science elective 4
ENGL 221 3
Foreign Language II 4


  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  Science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Social science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements.  GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • World Perspectives electives:  ANTH 260, BUSN 260, HIST 257, HUMN 110, PHIL 221
  • U.S. Diverstiy electives:  ANTH 265, HIST 250, HIST 251, HIST 252, HIST 253, SOCI 235, POLI 240
  • It is recommended that students transfer after one year.
  • Students interested in elementary teacher certification (K-8) should take PSYC 120 as a social science elective and could also take PSYC 221, MATH 151, MATH 152 and ENGL 235.
  • Students interested in secondary teacher certification (6-12) should take PSYC 120 as a social science elective and could also take PSYC 221 and ENGL 236.  In addition, secondary certification candidates will be required to complete a teachable minor.  Please see for minor options.


Students who major in English find work in a variety of fields, ranging from management to computer programming. Careers such as writing, teaching, library science, editing, and publishing are directly related to specific studies in English language and literature. The communication skills developed in the study of English are also important to careers in public relations, business management, and personnel counseling.

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