Dwayne Tunstall, Ph.D.

Dwayne Tunstall, Ph.D.

I like that I can really teach in the spirit of liberal education. I can include things that will help students become more engaged citizens." - Dwayne Tunstall, Area Studies Department, Philosophy Department Read More

Grand Valley Admissions

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Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Program Guide: Information Systems

First Year

First Semester
ENG 110 3
MATH 116 4
BUS 103 3
MUS 101 or HUM 101 3
COM 101 3
Second Semester
Philosophy & Literature elective 3
CIS 209 3
MATH 220 3
HRY 100 or 251 or 260 3
ECO 201 or 202 3


  • Degree offered: B.S., B.A. Students seeking the B.A. degree are required to demonstrate third semester proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Philosophy & Literature electives:  ENG 111, ENG 201, ENG 202, ENG 203, ENG 205, ENG 206, ENG 210, PHI 100, PHI 201, PHI 205


Job opportunities in the computer industry are expected to grow rapidly, particularly as computers are used to solve problems in ever-expanding areas, including accounting and business management services and research and development. Positions in the computer field include those in computer programming, systems analysis, systems programming, applications programming, software engineering, telecommunications, computer operations, and a variety of positions in computer sales, design, manufacturing and customer service.

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