Dwayne Tunstall, Ph.D.

Dwayne Tunstall, Ph.D.

I like that I can really teach in the spirit of liberal education. I can include things that will help students become more engaged citizens." - Dwayne Tunstall, Area Studies Department, Philosophy Department Read More

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Gogebic Community College

Program Guide: Geology

First Year

First Semester
ENG 101 3
MTH 110 4
CHM 151 5
Social Science elctive 3
Second Semester
ENG 102 3
World Perspectives elective 3
MTH 107 3
CHM 152 5

Second Year

First Semester
Humanities elective 3
U.S. Diversity elective 3
CIT 161 or MTH 150 or MTH 211 4-5
PHY 251 or 201 4-5
Second Semester
Humanities elective 3
CSI 200 or MTH 151 4
PHY 252 or 202 4-5
Social Science elective 3


  • Degree offered: B.S.
  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer agreement (MTA).  Social science electives must be selected from different disciplines.    Humanities electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements.  GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • World Perspectives electives:  ANT 105, BUS 240, ENG 225, ENG 226, ENG 236, GEG 111, HST 103, HST 160, HST 170, SPA 202
  • U.S. Diversity electives:  ANT 225, ENG 224, HST 201, HST 202, SOC 102, SOC 112
  • Options other than CIT 116 and CSI 200 are available.  Students could take instead one of the following sequences:  MTH 211 + 1 at Grand Valley or MTH 150 + MTH 151.
  • Students may want to consider transferring after one year of basic courses. The required freshman/sophomore geology courses are not available at Gogebic.


The geosciences offer challenging career opportunities and are among the higher paid professions. The B.S. degree in geology is intended primarily to prepare students for graduate study in the geological sciences. As a terminal degree, it is useful in a variety of careers, including environmental technology, mineral and energy resource exploration, science writing, and business. Geoscientists will apply their knowledge and skills to exploring and developing the earth's resources.

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