Brian  Parks

Brian Parks

"Being supported by Grand Valley to go to conferences was mind blowing to me. It helped me dream a little bit bigger." - Brian Parks '08, Financial Analyst, Herman Miller Read More

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Glen Oaks Community College

Program Guide: Engineering

First Year

First Semester
COM 121 3
NSM 161 5
SSS 121 3
NSC 133 4
Second Semester
NSM 162 5
NSP 251 + 252 5
BAE 203 or 204 4
HUP 210 3


  • Degree offered: B.S.E.
  • This guide assumes a prior math background.
  • Students will need to take basic engineering and science courses at GVSU. They are not available at GOCC. This will add additional time to the program. Students may choose to complete the MACRAO requirements and then transfer to Grand Valley.
  • Students normally start GVSU in the fall semester. Application for transfer should be filed by June 1, prior to fall entry. The program involves full-time participation for the next nine continuous semester (36 months): six academic and three alternating cooperative work semesters. GVSU's engineering program is industry orientated and lab based with integrated co-ops in the junior and senior years. After transfer students complete additional freshman and sophomore engineering courses in Grand Rapids that are not available at GOCC. The engineering program is taught on on the Grand Rapids campus. Students should contact the Padnos School of Engineering as soon as possible.
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