Ross  Sherman, Ph.D.

Ross Sherman, Ph.D.

"The biggest thing I like about teaching at Grand Valley is that you get to spend time with students, and not just in the classroom, but also in the laboratory." - Ross Sherman, Movement Science Department Read More

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Monroe County Community College

General Education


Students must select one course from each category


ENGL 152: English Composition II


ART 155: Art Appreciation
ART 280: Art History: Prehistoric
ART 281: Art History: Renaissance
ART 282: Art History: Neo-classical/Early Modern
HUMAN 151: Introduction to Humanities
THEA 151: Introduction to Theatre
MUSIC 157: Listening to Classical Music
MUSIC 170: Introduction to Music Theory I
MUSIC 265: History & Appreciation of Jazz
MUSIC 266: History of Rock Music
MUSIC 268: Popular Music in America


ENGL 240: African American Literature
ENGL 253: American Literature
ENGL 260: Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL 266: Non-Western Literature
ENGL 267: British Literature: Anglo Saxon to 18th Century
ENGL 268: British Literature: Romantic to Modern
PHIL 152: Introduction to Western Philosophy
PHL 253: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion


HIST 151: Western Civilization to 1650
HIST 152: Western Civilization, 1650 to Present
HIST 153: History of Michigan
HIST 154: History of the United States, 1607-1877
HIST 155: History of the United States, 1877 - Present
HIST 158: World History to 1500


CIS 150: Computer Science I
CIS 152: Visual Basic Programming
CIS 250: Computer Science II
MATH 156: Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 157: College Algebra
MATH 159: Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry
MATH 162: Introduction to Statistics
MATH 164: Precalculus
MATH 166: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MATH 171: Calculus I
MATH 172: Calculus II
MATH 251: Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 271: Calculus III
MATH 273: Introduction to Differential Equations
PHIL 151: Introduction to Logic


Select one from Physical Sciences and one from Life
Sciences. One of those courses must contain a lab.

ASTRN 151: Introduction to Astronomy
CHEM 150: Fundamental Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 151: General College Chemistry I
CHEM 152: General College Chemistry II
CHEM 160: Fundamentals of Health Science Chemistry
CHEM 251: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 252: Organic Chemistry II
ESC 151: Earth Science
GEOG 151: Elements of Physical Geography
PHYSC 151: Physical Science
PHY 151: General Physics I
PHY 152: General Physics II
PHY 251: Engineering Physics I


Select one from Physical Sciences and one from Life
Sciences. One of those courses must contain a lab.

BIOL 151: Biological Sciences I
BIOL 153: Biological Sciences II
BIOL 154: Introduction to Environmental Science
BIOL 157: Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 158: Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 251: Elements of Botany
BIOL 252: Elements of Zoology
BIOL 259: Introduction to Pathophysiology
BIOL 260: General Microbiology


ANTHR 152: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTHR 155: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTHR 165: Eastern North American Archaeology
ECON 251: Principles of Economics I
ECON 252: Principles of Economics II
GEOG 152: World Regional Geography
POLSC 154: Introduction to Law Enforcement
POLSC 211: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLSC 221: State & Local Government
PSYCH 151: General Psychology
PSYCH 152: Psychology of Personality/Adjustment
PSYCH 153: Social Psychology
PSYCH 156: Tje Exceptional Person
PSYCH 251: Child Psychology
SWK 151: Introduction to Social Services
SOC 151: Principles of Sociology
SOC 153: Women in Society
SOC 160: Social Gerontology
SOC 161: Death, Loss and Grief
SOC 251: Modern Social Problems


Students must select one course from each category


ANTHR 152: Introductory Cultural Anthropology
BMGT 220: International Business
ENGL 266: Non-Western Literature
FREN 252: Second Year French II
GEOG 152: World Regional Geography
GERMN 252: Second Year German II
HIST 255: History of East Asia
POLSC 211: Introduction to Comparative Politics
SPAN 252: Second Year Spanish II


ENGL 240: African American Literature
HIST 160: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 256: African-American History
SOC 152: Marriage and the Family
SOC 251: Modern Social Problems

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