Merritt Taylor, Ph.D.

Merritt Taylor, Ph.D.

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Kellogg Community College

Program Guide: Social Work

First Year

First Semester
ENGL 151 3
MATH 125 4
PSYC 201 3
Humanities elective 3
Elective 3
Second Semester
ENGL 152 3
MATH 130 3
BIOL 101 4
SOCI 201 3
Elective 3

Second Year

First Semester
POSC 200 or POSC 201 3
ECON 201 or ECON 202 3
Science elective 4
HUSE 290 3
PSYC 290 3
Second Semester
PSYC 250 3
SOCI 202 3
SOCI 204 3
Humanities elective 3
World Perspectives elective 3


  • Degree offered: B.S.W.
  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  Science elective must be a non-BIOL course.  Humanities electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements.  GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • World Perspectives electives: ANTH 200, BUAD 115, FREN 202, HIST 201, HIST 250, HIST 260, LITE 205, LITE 206, POSC 210, POSC 211, SPAN 202
  • U.S. Diversity electives: HIST 240, LITE 240, SOCI 202, SOCI 203, SOCI 204


Students must earn a minimum grade of B- (2.7) and not have repeated the following GVSU courses (or their transfer institution equivalents) more than once: PLS 102; PSY 303; PSY or SOC 360; SOC 205; SOC 382 or SW 300; SOC 384; SOC 385; and SW150

Grades earned at another institution in these courses will be considered for admission into the School of Social Work and must meet the grade and repeat criteria indicated above.


Applicants must formally apply for Candidacy in the School of Social Work's Baccalaureate program during the spring/summer prior to fall entry into the Social Work program.  The Candidacy Application is on-line and should be completed by the posted May deadline for early consideration.  All applications must be completed and submitted by the posted August deadline.

To be eligible for consideration of candidacy, students must have:

  1. Completed all freshman and sophomore course requirements in the B.S.W. curriculum.
  2. A minimum grade point average of 2.5. Earned a minimum grade of 2.7 in selected courses.
  3. Admission to the BSW program occurs only in the fall semester.
  4. Complete the application and process for candidacy for the B.S.W. degree


Admissions Office • 1 Campus Drive • Allendale MI 49401-9403
Phone (616) 331-2025 • 1-800-748-0246 •