Douwe Driehuis

Douwe Driehuis

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Jackson Community College

Program Guide: Modern Languages

First Year

First Semester
ENG 131 3
MAT 141 5
Foreign language 131 4
Social Science elective 3
Second Semester
ENG 132 3
Foreign language 132 4
Social Science elective 3
Science Lab elective 4

Second Year

First Semester
Foreign Language 341 4
Science elective 4
Elective 3
Humanities elective 3
Elective 3
Second Semester
Foreign Language 232 4
Elective 3
U.S. Diversity elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3


  • Degree offered: B.A.
  • Students may want to consider transferring after one year.
  • U.S. Diversity electives: ENG 249, HST 125, SOC 235, SOC 246
  • This guide fulfills the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).  Humanities elective must be a non-foreign language course.  Social science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Science electives must be selected from different disciplines.  Please check with your community college advisor for additional associate degree requirements.  GVSU will still honor the MACRAO agreement.
  • Students interested in teacher certification should take PSY 140 as a social science elective and will also be required to complete a teachable minor.  Please see for minor options.  Teacher certification students could also take EDU 263 or PSY 245 as an elective.


Grand Valley urges all students to seek study abroad experience. Foreign language majors and minors will make exceptional progress by combining study abroad with their formal course work on the home campus.

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