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Jessica Doerr

Liberal Studies

Class Year:

Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, United States

Current Position and Employer:
Graduate Research Assistant, GVSU Master of Social Work; Staff Writing and Reading Center Consultant, Northwestern Michigan College

What campus did you attend? What drew you to the liberal studies major there?
Traverse City. I really liked the small class sizes and the academic program being individualized.

What did you like most about the program?
I loved the fact that my instructors really got to know who I was and that they took the time to know what my goals were. They helped me develop a program to meet my needs.

What was your emphasis area and how did you choose the courses to complete it?
Human development and communications. I was able to blend the coursework that I took at another university with the classes that I was interested in through the liberal studies program. I could really tailor my major to reflect the interests that I had, in things like psychology, sociology, and communications.

How did your liberal studies degree and emphasis area prepare you for your current career?
It really prepared me for graduate-level research. My goal is to work in higher education and through the practicum I was able to work as a teaching apprentice. I was able to use that experience as a springboard for the work I do as a graduate assistant.

What post-graduation accomplishment are you especially proud of?
Definitely receiving the position as the graduate assistant. I am incredibly proud of that. Also, I'm proud of my position at the local community college as a staff member.

Would you recommend a liberal studies major to prospective GVSU students? Why?
I would definitely recommend the liberal studies major because I think it provides you with an opportunity to look at any issue from a bunch of different perspectives. And that skill is really important for whatever field you end up in.

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