Little Mac Bridge

Little Mac Bridge

The pedestrian bridge, Little Mac, crosses 75 feet above the ravines, connecting the north and south sections of the Allendale Campus.

Grand Valley Admissions

Max Maodush-PItzer

Class Year:

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States


International Relations

Why did you choose to attend Grand Valley?
I chose Grand Valley because of the study abroad programs it had to offer. Also, I really love the campus, and it's close to home for me.

What do you like best about Grand Valley?
I would have to say, I love the faculty. It's always nice to have professors in a small classroom setting. It happens a lot in my Honors classes and business classes. And during the summer the campus is really beautiful; it's very pretty when everything is blooming.

How have you benefited from Grand Valley's liberal education foundation?
It's given me a broader perspective on things I might not have known. In my Honors Euro Civ sequence, we would learn about different pieces of art, and then actually go see the originals in the museum. To know the history of the piece and the history of the artist is really eye opening. It makes you a more well-rounded student, which is really good if you are in the business world. It isn't always just about the bottom line. It's also about forming relationships and having a diverse perspective. You have to be aware of the cultural norms when you are making a business deal and trying to form relationships with other people.

How will Grand Valley help you meet your future goals?
The liberal education background and the business college have given me a great foundation to go beyond my undergrad degree. I was fortunate enough to know what I wanted to do when I came; but regardless, Grand Valley is a great institution because it gives you a lot of opportunities.

How has the Honors College enhanced your overall education?
It has pushed me to become a better student. In Honors I would write these outstanding essays and the professors would always tell me my work was good, but I could do better. They always pushed me to go beyond what I might have thought capable of doing or writing, or capable of achieving academically. So you become focused and driven, and you're encouraged to apply those skills into all areas of your education.

How have you benefitted from living in Honors College housing?
I thought it was a great experience. It's really unique to experience a dorm full of students who are like you in the sense that you know they are talented and are going through the same experiences that you are. It's a unique culture that revolves around not just schoolwork, but developing relationships with other people you can relate to.

Why would you recommend the Honors College to others?
I believe that it gives you that leg up you need to differentiate yourself, to help make yourself stand out. But, it's also a really good way to learn and experience different things, to go above and beyond the typical college experience. You learn that you are capable of doing great things, because you are required to. If you are looking for a unique experience that will challenge you academically, then you should join the Honors College.

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