Brian  Parks Grand Valley Admissions

Brian Parks

Business Economics, Finance

Class Year:

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Current Position and Employer:
Financial Analyst, Herman Miller

Why did you choose to attend Grand Valley?
When I first came here, we went to the residence halls and I loved them. When you compare them to other MI schools, they are more up-to-date.

What was the highlight of your Grand Valley experience?
Being able to meet such a great network of people. I have people from a variety of different backgrounds that I can lean on and I actually call my friends to this day.

How have you benefited from Grand Valley's liberal education foundation?
Liberal education produces a student that is able to handle a variety of different issues in the world. With this world being a global economy, it's very important not to be narrow-minded or have tunnel vision.

How has Grand Valley helped you achieve your goals?
Being supported by Grand Valley to go to conferences was mind blowing to me. It helped me dream a little bit bigger.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
Come to Grand Valley willing to learn. Meet new people. Be open to trying new things. Study abroad. Try a class you think you never would want to take.

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