Kirsten Strom, Ph.D. Grand Valley Admissions

Kirsten Strom, Ph.D.

Art History

Educational Background:
Ph.D. in History of Art, University of Iowa; M.A., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; B.A. in History of Art and Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago

What do you like most about teaching at Grand Valley?
One of the things that I like about the students here is that they show a really good appreciation for the importance of being well rounded. It's one of the most important skills involved in any kind of problem solving, to be able to see the problem from lots of different angles.

How do you contribute to the success of your students?
I try to make sure that there is something for everyone in every class, so that we are developing a lot of skills that they can use even if they're not going to go on and become famous art historians. They'll still be developing writing skills, learning about other cultures, and developing analytical and critical skills that they can use.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
The liberal education aspect of the degree here at Grand Valley is really good at developing transferable skills. No matter what the students end up doing, they'll do it well. They'll do it better than they would if they didn't have those skills.

What is the most rewarding aspect about teaching at Grand Valley?
My research has mostly been on surrealism and I teach a class that's just on surrealism. That's been really fun for me. I think the students know that. They can appreciate that I'm one of the people who writes the history of surrealism.

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