Terrell Couch Grand Valley Admissions

John Grahs

MBA - Masters in Business Administration

Previous Education:
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Kent City, Michigan, United States

Current Position and Employer:
Spartan Distributors, IT and Operations Manager

Why did you choose to attend Grand Valley?
I wanted to take traditional classes at night and close to where I live and work. This fits all three. Also, the program from the M.B.A. allows an IT emphasis. And the facilities here are excellent.

What do you like best about Grand Valley?
I've been pleasantly surprised by how practical the instructors and the classes are here. The studies are really applicable to my job. And I have enjoyed the camaraderie. You learn a lot from working in a classroom group. I've enjoyed networking as well.

Have you been able to incorporate your graduate studies into your job? How?
I use it almost daily. I have been very happy with how much I can apply, particularly with accounting and project management. I think I am able to help out the company more because of my studies here. I am able to integrate the studies with my life. It's pretty fun.

How will Grand Valley help you meet your future goals?
The M.B.A. that I am going to get will give me a better understanding of overall business and prepare me for future roles in management. I need to understand how business works outside of IT, too.

How has Grand Valley's faculty made a difference in your graduate experience?
Almost every professor that I've had so far has real-world experience. They have worked in businesses themselves and they teach the classes with that understanding. It makes the information they teach that more applicable. Also, most understand that we are working adults so they set the standards accordingly. They understand our schedules.

What advice would you give to prospective graduate students?
Take advantage of the networking opportunities. Don't be shy.

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